The rainforest is most ecologically rich of the worlds biomes. Rain forest only cover 75% of earths land area. ( If you ask me that a lot.) They are generally found near the equator and around temperature zones. Daylight is only in the forest for 12 hours and there is no winter.


Rain forests are located near the equator. Nearly 58% are all tropical and are located in Latin America. Another third of the tropicals are in Brazil. The rest are located in Southeast Asia, Pacific Island, and West Africa. Temperature Rain forests are located in are usually found in temperature zones in the Pacific North American region. They go from Oregon to Alaska for over 1000 miles. There are smaller ones in more temperature zones such as: Japan, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Etc. Etc.


A tropical rain forests wether is very hot and most all year. There is no winter. It is hot and most all year mostly because there is a canopy that is like a roof. A temperature rainforest is very rainy and moist also but not as much as a tropical rainforest.


Tropical rain forests are lush and warm all year. The average temperature usually averages from 70-85 degrees. There is not much of a change in temperatures from night to day. Temperature rainforest ranges from 60-70 it is still mild but much cooler then tropical rain forest.


A tropical rain forest can range anywhere from 80-400 inches a year. The rainforest help maintain ran patterns. Water that evaporates from trees precipitate and a transferred to other spots. The rain can last all day and night. A temperature rain forest ranges from 60-200 inches of rain fall per year. Moisture and fog come from the lingers on trees.


Rain forests are very flat and bushy. They have lots of trees. The trees form a canopy that acts like a roof. Soil is not very suitable for plants only for plants that can survive with low sunlight. Can have hills but very rarely. They also occasionly have bodies of water.


The rainforest hold more then half of our animal species in them. Have over 20 different species of animals. A great habitat for birds in the winter. The animals are everywhere meaning in the trees, the water, and on the ground. Some might be in the ground.


Not very many plants can live in a rain forest. Even though they get lots and lots of rain a year. In order to survive they have to be able to survive on little soil nutrients. There is lots of water so they have to be pretty strong or they have to be able to lay on the ground. They have to survive off of little sun light.


30 acres of trees are cutdown in rainforest. Humans are destroying the land. We are destroying a football fields length of rain forest. We can help if we would recycle. The rain firey populations as cut down 2/3 only 1/3 remins because of national preserves.


The trees are being cut down. The rain forest hold many species and as we cut down more and more trees we are destroying animals homes. Lots of animals have died and are on the urge of extinction. Only little survive thanks to national reserves. Many rainf forests also have fires.