Slime: Group 4

By: Seung-Min Kwon, Jessica Hefferon, Kevin Thomas

Special Effect: Slime

Our special effect for our project was slime. We used variety of materials and correct amounts to make the slime. You might think it is GAK from our previous lab as a class but we put different amounts of the materials making it slime, not GAK. The main point was that since the borax makes the slime thick, we put in less borax and more glue which made it more wet and more sticky which is slime.
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The Chemistry Connection

The chemistry connection during our lab was the chemical reaction with the borax water and the glue. Also, the phase change during the lab was a chemistry connection. When the glue was put in the borax water, the glue slowly solidified in the water and when we pulled it out, it was a stretchy and wet slime. This also shows the phase change from a liquid to a solid. Also, as the glue slowly solidified, the motion of its molecules slowed down and became compact.

Safety Precautions

During our project we had to follow certain safety precautions in order for the experiment to be successful and to cause no harm to anyone. We first of all had to wear goggles so that if anything splashed into toward our eyes, our eyes would not be damaged. Also, we always had to remember to never fool around with lab materials and to never try ingesting anything even though it is something you know is edible. These precautions were always followed so no one got hurt.