The secret garden

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Frances Hodgson Burnett

Basic plot of the book

Climax : Mary discovers the secret garden and decides to share ot eith Dickon. They didcovet Colin and as the garden blossoms again Colin stands for the first time

Resolution : At the end, Collin runs out of the secret Garden to be met by his father. He announces that he is now well and will live forever. The garden, that his mother so loved, has healed him. Mary follows Colin out, leaving Dickon behind. This could be argued that Mary and Colin have left Childhood behind and are entering the world of adults.

Favourite part

My fa part is at the beginning of the story. When everybody was going to die because of cholera. Mary stayed in her room alone waiting for someone to help. I like this part because even she had been spoiled from her servants but she still survive.

Best Character

Martha Sowerby is a young housemaid at Misselthwaite Maner and friend to Mary. I like her because she was very kind to mary. She took a good care to her. She is a good advisor to Mary and she is the one who made her entering to the world of adults.


The theme of The secret garden should be fruendship

Because Mary, Colin, Dickon, and Martha had a wonderful relationship together.

Quote#1 p.104 "Mary told him about the midnight wind and the faraway crying. She told how they talked, and how she worried because Colin thought so much about dying." They known what are the weakness of others and understand it. For example, Mary brought Colin out from his room to the garden. Then, he forgot about being sick all the time.

Quote#2 p.109 " I don't believe it! Youjust say that to make people feel sorry for you" Mary never gives up with Colin. She still want him to go through his anxiety