Kilgore Middle School

Advisory Update

Advisory Schedule

Wednesday - Principal will send out list to priority content teachers

Thursday - ALL teachers will Cut and Paste (not copy) students from master list to their name by 4:00 p.m.

Friday - ALL teachers will notify students if they added them to their list.

Coaches will pick up their character lesson from Ms. Horton.

Idea Share

"By pre-teaching the vocabulary for today's lesson, I had a student able to answer questions that had never participated in class." Mackenzie Cross

"By bringing in the ESL students, we had time to learn how to use the Spanish/English dictionary as a supplemental aide in class." Tonia Loper

"It was so nice to be able to have some of my lower math students working on the computer for remediation." Delina Chitwood

"Advisory was a great opportunity for me to pre-teach next week's lesson to some of my struggling students." Tracy Drury

"In our "getting to know you" first day activity, we realized students were missing elementary capitalization skills that are not in our TEKS. We started today rebuilding those missing TEKS to help support our curriculum." Kristi Boone

Visual Reminders

Below is a great visual to remind students where to go!
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6 week Incentive

Remember, if a student does not show up for advisory, you will deduct points from the 6 week incentive. Keep up with this!