Tropical Moist Forest

By: Daeshawn Jackson

What Is a Tropical Moist Forest?

A Tropical Moist Forest is a forest that receives a lot of rainfall. There are many Tropical Moist Forest like the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Kinabalu National Park, Southeast Asian Rainforest, and many others.
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Why Are Most Tropical Forest National Parks Or Reserves?

Most of the Tropical Moist Forests are National Parks or Reserves because of the many rare species and the concerns of deforestation. By making them National Parks and Reserves they keep them protected from poachers and deforestation.
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What animals do the Tropical Moist Forest have?

They have the most exciting and intriguing animals ever!. Some of these animals can change colors, have a weird smell, and hold one of the biggest records!.


Tropical moist Forests have the most largest rivers in the world, like the MeKong, Orinoco, Amazon, and the Congo. The reason why is because of the tremendous amount of precipitation their watershed gets. These big rivers are fed by small streams and creeks that help them become that size
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The Tropical Moist Forest is where life thrives so it may not be a good idea camping if you don't want to end up in an Anaconda's stomach or between a Jaguar's teeth!. Overall, Tropical Moist Forests is a very beautiful place where interesting and intriguing animals are creeping or crawling around.