Stages of Government

By Morgan Brunk

Primitive communism

Hunter gather socities shared property-community living where everyone shares what they need. Economy comes from hunting and gathering, food is collected everyday by members if the group. the starts with the first men and continues until the development of agriculture, domestication of animals and private property.

Slave Society

There is two classes the slaves and the owners. The nation and gov sells and takes slaves from other countries/states. Needs large work force to produce for large populations. Private properties, people start to have there own property. They always fail because they lose slaves if they don't keep conquering, then they have no one to do the hard work.


A system of honor and loyalty that knights were expected to follow. The peoples classes are determined by birth and there is little to no movement. They are formed out of the fallen empires. Vassalage an agreement between to sides that with both earning some benefit. Fails increase in goods and services made a new class called the merchants, they did not fit into the previous model. The merchants started to challenge the nobles with their wealth.


All production is taken care of by individual. All the people are people are paid for the work they do. Powerful countries take over weaker ones for the resources so they don't have to pay for them. This stages is focused on profit for the employer not the employee. Fails because the focus is on profit, people will do anything to increase their income. This causes conflict and unrest in their non working class.


Production is run by workers instead of the minority. Economy is planned and organized and based based on need, not by the demands of the system. The democracy is ran by a group of workers for the best of there work force. Socialism the first of communism a start it usually works the left over will be discarded during the transition to communism.


There is no government, laws or nations. No classes everyone is equal, everyone works for everyone. There is no money, all good are available based on need assigned. Everything is provided for the people. Everyone andEverything is equal no government. NEVER BEEN DONE.