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What Happened?

She ran out in front of the kings horse as he was racing and she got trampled on. But did she do it on purpose?

Where did it happen and when...?

On the day of Epsom Derby on the 4th of June.

Then she died on the 8th of June because of her injuries.

The King was just coming round Tattenham Corner.

What the suffragettes thought

The suffragettes said Emily Davison was the first suffragette to be a martyr (A person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs). Also they saw her death as an accident they thought she was trying to put a rosette on the horse saying "Votes For Women" because if she did that and the king won the picture would show the kings horse having the rosette on its bridle.

My conclusion

I don't think Emily Davison was ament to kill her self because apparently she was caught stopping horses down her lane, and I don't think she knew how fast the kings horse was going. In her handbag they found a return train ticket and an invitation to a suffragette meeting that night, which means maybe the incident was not planned? So I think she did not mean to die....?