End-of-Year Principal's Newsletter

June 2019

From the Principal's Desk - Kristen S. Vogel

Summer is here! Which means no more homework, classes, practices, games, performances, working long hours, waking up early, and going to bed late. And summer means time to spend with family, friends, getting sleep, and relaxing. However, the reality is that more and more students are just as busy during the summer as they are during the school year. More students are playing clubs sports, performing in summer theater productions, working full time jobs, and taking classes in some instances. Where has the focus on taking a break and having some down time gone? Teenagers need to have down time to recharge their batteries. It is also important for teenagers to have structure as well during the summer; whether it is working, taking a class, volunteering, or being physically active. But as the adults in their lives we need to carve out time and give them permission to slow down and relax. I hope that you take time this summer for your family and friends to reconnect away from the craziness of the school year. Have fun, laugh, and make lasting memories together with your students.

Here is a link to an article written by a high school student who just graduated from a high school in Michigan. She provides tips for high school students and parents on how to create a healthy balance in their lives. Her advice is targeted for students beginning a new school year; however, I believe they are applicable no matter the time of the year!


Fourth Term Report Cards Available in Aspen on June 19th

The fourth term report cards will be available for four weeks in Aspen. Report cards will no longer be sent home with students. They will be available in Aspen each term. Here are the directions for how to access the report card in Aspen:

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Summer Reading

Please click here to view Summer Reading information.

Please contact Ms. Lynne Hardacre, English Department Chairperson, if you have any questions via email lhardacre@tewksbury.k12.ma.us.

ATTENTION- Aspen Parent Portal

We will be piloting the parent portal feature with Aspen in the fall. If you would like to have your own log in for Aspen separate from your students log in, please complete the form below.


First Day of School 2019-2020 School Year

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Student Schedules and Start of School Year 2019-2020 Information

New student schedules for the 2019-2020 School Year will be available in Aspen at the beginning of August. Start of the school year information will be emailed to parents at the beginning of August.

Athletic Department News

Congratulations to Sophomore Makayla Paige. She was selected as the Massachusetts recipient of the Gatorade Girls Track & Field Athlete of the Year Award! Makayla currently has the Massachusetts All-Time fastest 600-meter run indoor track time. She is also the All-State Champion at 600-meter run indoors and 800-meter run outdoors. She is a great representative of Tewksbury Memorial High School. We are so proud of her!

Congratulations to All-State Champion Lucas Frost ‘19, Javelin and to All-State Champion Makayla Paige ’21, 800-meter run for being selected Boston Globe and Boston Herald All-Scholastics for Track & Field!

Graduation Highlights

Congratulations to the Class of 2019! We are very proud of you!

The following members of the the Class of 2019 received the Principal's Award and the Teacher's Choice Award at graduation:

Rosalyn Impink '19 - Principal's Award

Mercy Olu '19 - Teacher's Choice Award

130 students wore medals indicating graduating with summa cum laude, magna cum laude and cum laude honors.

Nine of our graduating seniors were awarded State Seal of Biliteracy and were donned with blue braided cords which they wore at graduation for achieving proficiency level in English and one or more languages in standardized tests such as the AP, AAPPL, STAMP, MCAS, and ACCESS.

Three of our seniors, Rosalyn Impink '19, Janine Richardson '19, and Joseph Schifano '19, were chosen by a faculty committee to read their speeches at graduation.

The Class of 2019 chose Mr. Michael Hancock as their faculty speaker at graduation. Mr. Hancock teaches physics and robotics at TMHS.

Senior Boat Cruise

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Seniors Pose at Tennis Courts Before the Prom

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84th Commencement at TMHS! Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

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State Seal of Biliteracy and the Certificate of Biliteracy

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World Language and English Language Departments

Tewksbury Memorial High School was pleased to honor several seniors with the State Seal of Biliteracy and the Certificate of Biliteracy Achievement during our Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony on May 30th.

The Seal of Biliteracy is a national movement to recognize high school students who have studied and attained proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English and one more language by high school graduation. Students had to demonstrate their proficiency level in standardized tests. Those who achieved an INTERMEDIATE-MID level in all four skills were awarded with a CERTIFICATE OF BILITERACY ACHIEVEMENT. This means that the student is able to function with both languages.

The following senior students received the Biliteracy Achievement Certificate.

For English and Spanish:

1. Franklin Velasquez-Aguilar

2. Jonathan Cabral

3. Emily Chmela

4. Isabelle Frost

5. Paul Russell

For English and Hindi:

1. Harshil Patel

The students who achieved a score of INTERMEDIATE-HIGH or above were awarded with the STATE SEAL OF BILITERACY.

State Seal of Biliteracy English – Spanish:

1. Elizabeth Ezekiel

2. Emma White

State Seal of Biliteracy English – Chinese

1. Daryl Quek

TMHS She’s the First

The TMHS She’s the First Club held four fundraisers this year. From these proceeds, the club was able to raise enough money to make a $1,000 contribution to She’s the First national nonprofit organization. The club selected to have these funds donated to a girl’s group in India and South Sedan. The funds are used to help young women in underdeveloped nations be the first in their family to graduate from high school.

Congratulations TMHS She’s the First on a successful first year! We would also like to applaud the efforts of our founding TMHS chapter president sophomore, Katie MacDonald. Katie has done an amazing job organizing and leading the group this year. Katie has received a scholarship to spend her junior year in Gladbeck, Germany. We wish her the best and look forward to her return senior year! She has left the club in good hands. The 2019-2020 president will be soon to be junior, Hailey Furilla.

TMHS Dedicated Students

TMHS DECA students returning from their trip to Orlando, FL. Rebecca DeFrancesco '20, Colby Brown '20, and Marissa Ladderbush '19, hidden behind books (and not shown Victoria Schille '20) put in some serious study time at the airport preparing for their AP Psychology exam. True dedication from some highly motivated students.

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AP Fair

An AP Fair was held on Monday, June 3rd. Students from AP Psychology and AP US History prepared their fair projects for display.

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News from the International Club

On May 4th the Town of Tewksbury celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by organizing a town clean-up. There were more than 200 residents working all over town, mostly collecting trash.

Our students worked at Melvin Rogers Park, a 28-acre pine forest. The work included cleaning out the trails, removing branches and hauling them to be chipped.

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May Hats Off Award

Congratulations to Cameron Smith '19 and Emma White '19 for the Tewksbury Rotary Club May 2019 Hats Off Award. These two outstanding seniors were honored at a Rotary Club Luncheon on Thursday, May 16th at Tewksbury Country Club.

The award recognizes those students who have distinguished themselves academically, have contributed to the co-curricular program at the High School, and have been actively involved in the community.

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Fine and Performing Arts Department

35th Annual Tewksbury Public Schools District Art Show

The 35th Annual Tewksbury Public Schools District Art Show was held in the TMHS cafe area on May 10th and 11th. The show was a great success and we are extremely appreciative of the continued community support. All Tewksbury K-12 art teachers displayed a wealth of creative projects from this school year. The TMHS Band and Chorus Concert and the Wynn Middle School Band performed a beautiful Spring concert in the Dr. Christine L. McGrath Performing Arts Center Friday night. We are very proud of and would like to congratulate our ribbon winners:

35th Annual Tewksbury Public Schools District Art Show

Best of Show

TMHS: Sansan Nguyen '19

TMHS 1st Place Ribbons:

Alyssa Boudreau '21

Sophia Calandrello '19

Brenda De Miranda '20

Matthew Donahoe '19

Sofia El Hakim (2) '19

Elizabeth Ezekiel '19

Jess Lisiecki '20

Sydney Matai '19

Kaylee Murphy '21

Sansan Nguyen '19

Henry Pestana '21

Brandon Pham '19

Nicholas Polimeno '22

Victoria Post '20

Erin Sands '21

Gregory Sencabaugh '20

Lacy Ventre '19

Elaina Walazek '21

Meaghan Welch '19

Honorable Mentions:

Shane Alyward '20

Olivia Axson '19

Jason Barnes '21

Lexie Bobotas '22

Adriana Croteau '21

Asa Deroche '21

Sofia El Hakim '19

Elizabeth Ezekiel '19

Hailey Furilla '21

Cameron Gannon '19

Renee Graczyk '21

Alanna Grimes '20

Zach Hines '20

Rosalyn Impink '19

Richard Lavargna '21

Taylor Leon '22

Emalie Marcley '21

Matthews Marques '22

Lexi Polimeno '21

Nicholas Polimeno '22

Paul Russell '19

Eric Talbot '19

Kendra Waugh (2) '19

The Department would like to thank Sofia El Hakim '19 for doing an exceptional job custom painting the adirondack chairs that were purchased at Education Foundation Auction. Sofia has contributed to many art projects during her time at TMHS and will be missed! Thank you as well to Patty and Zach Jensen for their generous support of the Tewksbury Public Schools. The chairs were displayed at the district art show and are now being enjoyed by the Jensens during this beautiful time of year.

Art and Music Awards for Academic Excellence

The Department is pleased to announce the recipient of the senior art award for academic excellence this year was awarded to Sansan Nguyen '19. She was an absolute pleasure to have in class and we are grateful for all her hard work helping prepare and set up for this year’s district art show. As well, she was demo painting with co-muralist Meredith Chase '19 at the show. Senior Art Studio teacher Ms. Arnold had this to say about Sansan, “Sansan has proven to be a creative and committed student of the arts. In Senior Art Studio class she has excelled and persevered on a daily basis. With all of her hard work she was able to progress and to compile a body of work that successfully depicted personal vision and style. Proof being her final display of all her work at the art show. Amazing job Sansan!” Congratulations to our exceptional senior, Sansan Nguyen! Best wishes at Ringling College next year!

The Department is equally as pleased to announce the recipient of the senior music award for academic excellence this year was awarded to Connor Mangan '19. Ms. Ware made the following statement regarding Connor, “Connor has contributed a great deal to the music program. His dedication and leadership has inspired peers, as well as, the staff. He took initiative to ensure that the program was successful, and he never had to be reminded to work to his fullest potential. What will I do without him?! Congratulations Connor!” Best wishes to our exceptional senior, Connor Mangan! Best wishes at The University of Hartford in the fall!

Action & Team Photography From O'Connor Studios

O'Connor Studios provides candid photography service to TMHS. All of our team and action photos are available to view and purchase online.

Click here to view the candid pictures taken from all of our great sports teams.

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