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January 29, 2016

News and Information

If you'd like to help with swim snacks, please click the link below and (HOPEFULLY!) you'll be able to type your name in one of the dates.

Swimming is Coming- February 19th- March 3rd Each child will need a swimsuit and towel daily. One piece suits for girls please! More info to come as the date nears.

Parent Advisory Meeting- Everyone is Invited!

Monday, February 8th - 6 pm

Converse Elementary library

Topics for discussion: ISTEP+ results, Bullying, and parent input time

New STAR reading and math scores were in your child's mailbox today. We had some very impressive scores! They are yours to keep, you don't need to sign and return.


We began our new unit this week. We are working on comparing and contrasting when reading. We have been looking for clue words that help us know when a text is telling us that things are alike or different.

Reading Homework has changed slightly. Since the kids are doing so well on their fluency I felt like we might need to change things up a little to get ready for 3rd grade. The sight word part will remain the same, but instead of a reading the same passage 4 times, they will now read 1 passage, answer some comprehension questions and do some word work and vocabulary activities. Because this is a little more work than reading for a minute each night, it will be worth 10 points toward their reading grade each week.

ps- the cover sheet still talks about reading the passage for a minute each night- I will change that, but I have several sets already copied and didn't want to waste them. I will staple a current set of directions to the front until I use up what I already made.


  • telling and showing time to 5 minutes
  • adding 3 two digit numbers with a sum greater and 100
  • -4 facts
  • drawing a picture to solve a problem
  • cutting a geometric shape apart and making a new shape

English and Writing

We are working hard to finish up English Unit 3 next week and take the assessment. This week we worked hard on matching our noun and verb tenses with irregular verbs (eat,sit, was, were, go, tell, come, hide, and give)

We are also finishing up our realistic fiction pieces of writing. Next week we are going to do a quick animal report as a practice for our Wax Museum research. Then we'll start that huge and important task of collecting facts about our wax museum character!

Spelling Words












Data Binders- Look for them Monday!

Homework Helps and Hints

Looking for a fun sports related website with fun games? Try Your sports fan can read the latest news on their favorite teams and players in a kid friendly environment. Also, check out the NFL Play 60 site for information on every child getting 60 minutes of active play a day.

Important Events


10 Midterms posted in Skyward

12 Valentine's Party

15 President's Day- no school unless needed for make up day

19-March 3 Swimming

22 Skating Party 6-8 @ Idyl Wyld