Grade 2 News

Newsletter #2: How we Express Ourselves

UOI 1: How we Express Ourselves

Transdisciplinary Theme:

An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Central idea: Folk Tales and Fables are creative expressions of our values (morals)

Key concepts: Function, Connection, Perspective

Related concepts: Culture, Story Elements, Creative Expression, Storytelling

Lines of inquiry

  • (Function) Folk Tales as oral traditions
  • (Connection) Morals found in folk tales and fables from diverse cultures
  • (Perspective) Expressing our values through fables

UOI Field Trip- Puppet Company

This UOI we went on a trip to the Puppet Company. Students watched a live puppet show depicting the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Three little Pigs. Students explored the PERSPECTIVE of how the story was told from the point of view of the three pigs and little red riding hood verses the Bog Bad Wolf's point of view. We learned that there are two sides to every story and that sometimes more than one person can be right! We also practiced the skills of listening and how to be a good audience and got a back stage glimpse of the puppeteers!

What have we been up to this Unit?

English Language Arts

Writing and Illustrating our Books

In ELA Students are continuing to set and met goals at an amazing pace!

Writing: we are working on writing Narratives in the form of Fables. Students will publish this as an individual paperback book and will have the chance to keep it as a keep sake- when the books are complete we will send them off for publishing with the company called Student Treasures along with our book from the beginning of the year! Once they have been completed and returned students will participate in a book signing party where they will be able to read their books to their classmates and sign one another's class books :)

Grammar/Mechanics: Students have been learning about root words and prefixes. Students also explored contractions and the use of an apostrophe in possessive form and when it is used in contractions. These concepts are still being explored as we notice it in our environment and our writing and reading

Reading: Students are continuing to work on their own goals and reading levels while as a class we are exploring the genre of FolkTales and story elements such as personification, setting, character traits, and cultural elements. We are also working to classify stories based on their story elements and work on retelling and comparing stories.

Practicing our skit presentations


  • Our end of unit summative is coming up and students will be putting on a skit to present to peers in morning assembly as well as visitors on 'Day at the Theater'. Students have auditioned for characters in a play, created a costume and have learn their lines. Students have also designed stage props and a background to present setting in the skit. Students will have to portray the story with elements that depict our own culture while making the moral of this fable clear to the audience through their actions and words. The rubric is attached to this assignment on managebac for specifics on expectations.
Big picture
Retelling the Story

Students can practice what we are learning in class at this article for more information

Module 6 to Module 7

Students will finish exploring concepts in module six in math including concepts such as:
  • Representing Multiplication using visual strategies (like repeated addition and arrays)
  • Identifying the multiplication equation when given an image
  • Explaining how multiplication works.
  • Use inverse operations to check their work
  • Exploring even and Odd
  • Skip Counting by 2, 5, 10

In module seven we will :

  • Explore different types of charts and graphs including Pie Charts, Tally Charts, Bar Graphs, line plots and picture graphs
  • Work with identifying data on graphs tally charts, and solving word problems using data.
  • Students will review money and problem solving with money concepts
  • Students will review measurement and comparing lengths
Big picture
Working in math using various manipulatives (like beans) to create arrays

What to expect next......

In the next few weeks we will be:
  • After Party! After the Day at the theater event students will be able to enjoy a light refreshment with juice and animal crackers and will tell a story using the animals and story elements as they are eating- please let Mrs Walcott know if you are interested in donating the snacks for this activity.
  • We will be beginning our next learner profile of Risk Taker for the month of May. Don't forget to turn in your passports by May first!
  • In Reading we will not have reading logs assigned in May due to Ramadan. AQI and English will be working together to encourage children to read Quran in Arabic and English translation in the month of Ramadan to help them get the most out of their time
  • -We are also continuing to work individually and in small group on goals for each student based on their reading levels and needs. Each student will be assessed on their reading level between now and the end of the year.
  • MAP testing will be coming up in the next few weeks- there is nothing for parents to do to prepare for this however we will request that students get a good nights rest and have a good breakfast and pack a good lunch on the day that we are scheduled for testing- this will be uploaded to managebac when the dates are finalized InshaAllah
  • In Grammar students are finishing up our study into prefixes and root words. And will continue working with contractions and apostrophes. Students are using them in their formal and informal writing.


  • Part of each Unit of inquiry is reflecting which we will be doing over the next few weeks. One thing that the students and I discuss in class and document is what they are doing outside of class that shows they are taking action with what they have learned. If there is any evidence of discussions, actions, or connections happening outside of school that demonstrates what students are learning in the class please feel free to email me so that we can add it to our reflection board which highlights action outside of school when students use what they are learning!

Staff appreciation

Thank You! I appreciate all your gifts, thoughts, food and kind words



Read and understand:

  • Students are learning about the Animals in the Quran and studying Suraht – Al-Naml from Ayah18-22.
  • Memorize and Understand Surat Ash-Shams.
  • Tajweed: students are working on fluency of reading.

Islamic studies

  • History: Story of prophet adam and his son’s Qaabeel & Haabeel (their feeling toward each other).
  • Adab: students are learning the Duaa for when you angry or sad or happy (examples from the prophets Duaa’s).
  • Seerah: Muslim persecution.
  • Aqidah: revealed books, Qur'an.
  • Fiqh: The fasting, why we are fasting and how we do the correct fasting.


  • How can I express myself/ feeling?
  • Lessons Vocab:

انا احب،أنا لا أحب، لون، حيوان، فصل، فواكه،

المفضل، طويل قصير، نحيف، جميل، وسيم، قوى، سعيد ، حزين، غضبان ، فرحان

  • Ordinal numbers from 11th to 15th.
  • Grammar:
  • Using pronouns to express how others feel (هوحزين – هى سعيدة).

  • UOI Vocab: الوظيفة – الارتباط - المنظور