Second Edition

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Recognizing Innovative Educators!

Each day, Patriot teachers and staff engage students in innovative ways. The goal of the Teacher Technology Spotlight is to highlight some of those educators. Enjoy!


What is it?
  • Flubaroo is a Google Sheets "Add On" that will automatically grade student Google Form responses and email students their results in seconds.
Featured Educator(s): Ms. Hartline, Math
  • Ms. Hartline is flipping her classroom, but needed a way to ensure that the students watched the videos and truly understood the content presented. To do this, she inserts the video into a Google Form and adds questions for students to answer as they watch the video. Then, using Flubaroo, she sets those questions up to be "self-grading". When the students finish answering the questions, she runs Flubaroo, emails them their results and, if appropriate, even send them the correct answers. Click here for Ms. Hartline's YouTube channel.
What the students are saying:
  • "It's a good way to find out your grades quickly in order to improve."
  • "Flipped learning allows us time to get more help while at school when we don't understand."

QR Codes

What is it?
  • A QR, or Quick Response, Code is a two-dimensional bar code that can be scanned by your device (Smartphone, iPad, tablet, etc.) to easily access information such as a URL, an email address, or even text.
Featured Educator(s): Ms. Chadwick, World Languages (ASL)
  • Ms. Chadwick had her American Sign Language (ASL) level 3 students create videos of themselves signing words and phrases and then post them to YouTube. She then generated QR codes for the different videos that, when scanned, opened the video. She printed these QR codes and posted them along the hallway outside her room. Then, her ASL level 1 students used their phones to scan the QR codes and watch the videos in order to learn how to sign the different messages.
What the students are saying:
  • "I liked how I was able to get up and move around so that I wasn't stuck in my seat. It was a lot more fun this way."

Google Classroom

What is it:

  • Google Classroom allows teachers to create and collect assignments paperlessly, including the ability to automatically make a copy of a Google document for each student. It also creates Drive folders for each assignment for each student to help keep everyone organized.

Featured Educator(s): Ms. Cavender, Social Studies

  • Ms Cavender has done an amazing job piloting Patriot's Google Chromebook program with her AP Human Geography students and using Google Classroom to help create a paperless learning environment. The students are engaged in the lesson and utilize the technology on a regular basis to improve achievement. She continuously provides guidance and support to other faculty regarding Google Drive and Google Classroom applications. She is not afraid to take on a challenge and improve instruction for her students!

What the students are saying:

  • The students love using the technology in their learning and they enjoy all the activities they get to do with the class. They seem more engaged and willing to learn. "Ms. Cavender makes it fun, and we can even chat with her when we are at home and we have a question about something."

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