Hank Aaron

The Baseball Freak

Date of birth and place

February 5, 1934

in Mobile, Alabama

Hank Aaron Tribute


>>Parents: Estella (Mom) and Herbert (Dad)>>Siblings: 7 other>>Wives: Barbara Lucus and his present wife Billye Aaron>>Kids: Ceci (which they adopted), Dorinda, Lary, Gary, Hank Jr, and Gaile. Gary later died in the hospital after he was born


Central High School, Josephine

Jobs held


3 interesting facts

He quit school when he was 18, for baseball>>His actuall name is Henry>>Aarons annual pay in 1959 was around $30,000.

Awards and recondition

He broke Babe Ruth's record for homeruns by hitting 715 of them. Hank ended up with hitting 755 in his career>> He won a batting title>> In1957 he won mvp.

Where he lives now

Near Atlanta, Georgia



What he does now

He has worked as a vice president for the Atlanta Braves since the 1990 season>>He is also a vice president for a airport network.

Favorite quote

On the field, blacks have been able to be super giants. But, once are playing days are oer, this is the end of it and we go back to back of the bus again.