The Eagle Nation Newsletter

Sixth Edition - January 23, 2020

Dates to Remember

January 23, 9th Grade Chromebook distribution

January 30, AMC Math Test in Library

February 06, Progress Reports

February 06, Cheer Meeting in VHS Library

February 19, Virtual Day (No School)

Basketball Game Dates

January 27, @Cold Springs ( First Game at 5:00 pm)

January 28, Winston Co. @VHS (First Game at 5:00 pm)

January 30, St. Bernard @VHS ( First Game at 6:00 pm)


The snowiest city on Earth is in Aomori Prefecture, Japan.

Pinnacle Moment

2019 Football Awards

Dallin Dinkle earned the Co-Offensive MVP for All-County, he also achieved the First-Team Running Back status for All-State. His lineman, Isiah Young, was named Lineman of the Year for All-Region. Coach Stephen Robinson also gave some Honorable Mentions for the season: Dakota McGraw, Ethan Martin, Caleb Butler, Colby Miller, Tanner Brown, Tyler Brown, Lucas Miller, Teague Whatley.

St. Bernard Basketball Tournament

Both the Vinemont Varsity Boys' and Girls' Basketball Team won the St. Bernard Christmas Tournament. Both coaches and teams were thrilled to be bringing home a trophy. Coach Brown hopes that the teams will maintain their energy, as the basketball season might become long and they will need to give their best effort. Coach Boyd expresses the pride he feels regarding the teams and believes that they are capable of winning future games as long as they commit to discipline and self-application.


Big picture
Before Christmas Break, Katch Johnson, a Senior at Vinemont High School, was able to reach a personal and outstanding milestone in his high school basketball career. He scored his 1,000th point at home against West End High School on December 17th.


Congratulations Team MAAT!

Team MAAT earned first place in the Open House presentation and second overall in their division.

Congratulations Team C.A.L.M.!

Team C.A.L.M. achieved second place in their division.

Eagle Talk

Can you briefly share some information regarding player(s) who you feel have shown growth this season?

Coach Lay (JV Boys)

According to Coach Lay, his team as a whole has improved a tremendous amount. One particular player that has stood out and has improved a lot would be Gabriel Friedrich. He said that he hustles and also works hard.

Gabe Friedrich

Coach Brown (Varsity Girls)

Coach Brown stated that Jessica Ortiz and Hailee Moore have improved a lot over the season. He is proud of them for stepping out of their comfort zones since this is their first year to play basketball.
Jessica Ortiz and Hailee Moore

Coach Boyd (Varsity Boys)

Coach Boyd believes that his players have done an amazing job this season. This group has taken steps to get better individually and collectively. The program is continually moving forward because of the effort the guys are putting in on a daily basis. With that being said, there are a few guys who go above and beyond to help create the culture we want here at Vinemont. Caleb Sharpe and Connor Handley both completed the 15K shot program this off-season - the requirements are for players to MAKE 5,000 free throws, 5,000 mid-range jumpers, and 5,000 three pointers. Every player had the opportunity to complete the program, but these two put in the time required to get it done.

The young man who has impressed Coach Boyd the most this off-season/season is Jordan Hall and enough positive things can't be said about him. Jordan has worked hard in the weight room and on the court, and he has improved significantly since last season because he is willing to put in the needed time and effort. Coach Boyd has demanded a lot out of Jordan and asked him to do multiple things for the team. He always has max effort. Even when it wasn't required, Jordan would request access to the gym at 5:30 a.m. so could get shots up. Coach Boyd is proud of the young man Jordan Hall is becoming and he hopes the younger players in the program will look up to him as an example of what is expected out of a Vinemont basketball player.


The Earth is closest to the Sun during the winter.

What's Happening at the Pinnacle?

VHS Reading Challenge

All students from each grade will be participating in the VHS Reading Challenge. This challenge will hopefully enhance students' reading skills and help instill the love of reading for many. This challenge includes a variety of genres, which should appeal to the many interests of our students.

The challenge for the third 9 weeks is to complete three gray squares with a minimum of two books. One of your chosen books can apply to two of the three gray squares. Students will have their names entered into a drawing once the challenge is complete. Their names will also be entered into the drawing if they complete any extra category (box), beyond the initial challenge. The prize for this 9 weeks will be $150.00 worth of gift cards, including a Visa gift card.

Each English teacher will take grades on this activity; therefore, every student should complete this assignment.

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Miss Vinemont/Fair Queen Pageant

Junior Miss Vinemont, Miss Vinemont, and Fair Queen Pageant is Saturday, February 29. Deadline to register is January 31.

Have You Met?

9th - Ally Banks

Ally Banks is a 9th grader at Vinemont High School. She just transferred from Cold Springs High School. She hopes to make good friends, good grades, and also looks forward to spending more time with her boyfriend. Ally enjoys competitive cheer, fishing and hunting. And, now for a side note regarding Ally. She can recite all of the lyrics to the song, Beautiful Crazy, by Luke Combs.

10th - Kix Johnson

Kix Johnson is a 10th grader at Vinemont High School. He is involved in basketball, track and archery. He hopes to be a better person by the end of 2020. Kix enjoys hunting and fishing outside of school. Also, an interesting bit of information regarding Kix; he can recite all the lyrics to the song, Sweet Home Alabama, by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

11th - Ethan Martin

Ethan Martin is a 11th grader at Vinemont High School. He is involved in Football and Eagle Nation Newsletter. He hopes to make playoffs in the upcoming football season. Ethan enjoys making and producing music as well.

12th - Zoey Dunn

Zoey Dunn is a 12th grader at Vinemont High School. She is involved in Leo Club. Zoey hopes to complete her engineering class before the end of the year. She enjoys training and showing horses outside of school.


More than 22 million tons of salt are used on U.S. roads each winter.

Admin Corner

Why is it so important that students take and study for the ACT?

According to Mr. Netherton, the ACT is THE test that college admissions and scholarships are based on. He believes the best investment a high school student can make is putting the time in to prepare for the ACT. The ACT ranges from 1-36, with 36 being the a perfect score. Typically, every point made over a 24 would add another $1,000 of scholarship money per semester. A student that has a 25 and increases their score to a 30 could increase their scholarship money by as much as $5,000 per semster. The dream of FREE college is real, and it happens by mastering the ACT. He firmly believes the best part-time job a student can have is to invest their time in learning high-level math and improving their reading skills to raise ACT scores.

What makes our school so different from other schools?

Our school's atmosphere is one that reflects a small Christian school. Our culture at the school represents the beliefs of our teachers and students. According to Mr. Netherton, our teachers are people of faith that live it every day. They show love and respect towards our students. He believes we all work together as a school to ensure that our students and teachers are cared for, respected and appreciated. In the words of Mr. Netherton, "The way people treat each other is what makes Vinemont High School very different from any other school."

Guess Who?

This VHS faculty member was elected President of his Senior Class at Athens State University.

Answer will be provided in the 7th Edition of the Eagle Nation Newsletter.

Answer to Guess Who from the Fifth Edition of the Eagle Nation Newsletter

Mrs. Mandy Preiss accepted the invitation to march in the New Year's Day Parade with the UCA All-Star program when she was a Senior in High School. The parade took place in Austria and Hungary.

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