The Land where the Nazi Concentration Camps Started

The History of Poland

The Republic of Poland is a country where Jews were invaded and were in war with the Germans. The Germans, however, invaded Germany. Later, Poland joined the European Union on May 1st, 2004. It was not a founder of the European Union, though, it was a part of Russia and Lithuania.

What attracts people to Poland?

The Concentration Camps are the things that most approaches people. People say that it is a very powerful experience to visit. It shows how much the Jews had to survive in the camps.

The Government types

The government type is Parlimentary republic, Democracy.

What is the Currency Type?

The currency is ztoty, 1 ztoty= 100 groszy coins

What are some physical features?

There are natural landscapes divided into groups: low lands, high lands, and mountains.

There are three main mountain ranges: the Carpathians, the Sudetan mountains, and the Gory Świetokrzyskie. There is a strech with about a thousand lakes, the south has the last ice sheet on it .