4th Grade Newsletter~Mrs Meridith

November 23-December 4


I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't forget!!! Thursday, December 3, is our Music Program. Kids need to be in our classroom at 6:45. Parents, you can drop of your child in our room and head for the gym. You will need to keep their coats with you. Our rooms will be locked after the program.

Christmas Party!!
I had originally put the 18th down for our Christmas Party, however it will now be on the 17th. All of Sunflower is on the 17th!

Important Dates


3 ~ 4th Grade Music Program @ 7pm

9 ~Last day for 1st Quarter AR

13 ~Quarterly Awards @ 8:05

18 ~ End of 2nd Quarter

18 ~ Last day for AR

17 ~ Christmas Party - 2:15-3:00

21-January 4th ~ No School! Winter Break!!!

5 ~ School Resumes! - D day

Christmas Party Sign up - Thursday, December 17 at 2:15

Game: Sane

Food Treat: Jai

Food Treat: Ashlyn

Food Treat: Dani

Drinks: Kenny

Napkins: Emma

Party Favors: Tony

Spelling List

  1. watched
  2. watching
  3. danced
  4. dancing
  5. studied
  6. studying
  7. stopped
  8. stopping
  9. dried
  10. drying
  11. happened
  12. happening
  13. noticed
  14. noticing
  15. robbed
  16. robbing
  17. slipped
  18. slipping
  19. hurried
  20. hurrying

Challenge Words

21. answered

22. answering

23. magnified

24. magnifying

25. interfered


  1. apprentice: a person who works with an expert to learn a job
  2. atmosphere: gas that surrounds Earth; the air in a certain place
  3. chemical: a substance formed by other substances acting on each other
  4. club: a heavy stick; a group of people with a common interest
  5. essay: a short piece of writing that gives the writer's ideas about a certain subject
  6. manufacturing:making goods by hand or with machines
  7. pressure: the force of one thing pressing against another
  8. scales: tool to measure; one of the hard pieces that covers animals such as fish