Elementary School Counselor News

December 2015


PLCs - Yes, Please! - UPDATE

As you may know, a professional learning community (PLC) is a group of collaborative learners who share resources and ideas. So excited that our school counselors are coming together to support each other in this way!

We have 3 PLCs scheduled for January 27th!

Carla Crumley-Forest will host the Beaches/Intercoastal PLC at Jacksonville Beach Elementary. If you would like to attend, please contact Carla at crumley-fc@duvalschools.org.

Heather Camacho will host the Westside PLC at Jacksonville Heights. Please contact Heather at camachoh@duvalschools.org if you can attend.

Taylor Madden and Pam Kibler will host the Mandarin PLC at Mandarin Oaks Elementary. Please contact Taylor at MaddenT@duvalschools.org or Pam at kiblerp1@duvalschools.org if you can attend.

Do we have any Northside school counselors willing to host a monthly PLC? Let us know and we will help you get the word out.

Click the title above to read the full article. Practice self care over the holidays and everyday. You are an extreme important person to many.

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Hyde Park Shares the Holiday Spirit

Thursday, December 10 at 6:00 pm, the school counselor, Tina Rich, organized the Third Annual Portrait Night. Three years ago Natalie Hodina, organized the first Portrait Night as an intern at Hyde Park, and now it has become a tradition at the school. Families are invited to the school for a night of spending quality time together. There is popcorn, hot chocolate, music, games, and clothes for the entire family and family photos are taken. Everything is free and the framed photos are sent home before the December break. Portrait Night was a success with 283 in attendance! Faculty and staff volunteer to make this event an success.

One of the teachers who volunteered in the clothing area shared that a mother was very touched by the generosity and kindness. She was there with her children, and when she was informed the clothing was for her as well she began to tear up. The mother said, "There is something for me too? My children always come first and I am last."

Thank you Tina, Natalie, and the staff at Hyde Park for impacting families in a meaningful way. Today I will...

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DA Performance - Noodle Doodle Box

Share this information with the teachers at your school who may be interested in a fun inexpensive theater performance by a talented trio at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.

Here is a brief summary of the 45 minute production, the main characters, Pepper and Zacharias, are two clowns. They each possess a box – a private space which they refuse to share with the other. Their boxes are unique in their own special way. An overbearing Drum Major appears and decides he likes both boxes. He pits Pepper and Zacharias against each other so that he can steal their boxes – until a magical new box appears which they learn to share and enjoy together.

And, here is a link to the flyer.


We would like to feature the amazing work of school counselors in future newsletters. Please send your pictures, celebrations, and stories about impacting students to Beth or Gail. We want to hear about the work you are doing or what you have seen happening in other schools.

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