How to make slime!

by Ellie Campbell


How will the texture of the slime turn out?


When making slime, the experimenters will have to try many times to get the correct texture.

Ingredients and Materials


  1. Gather ingredients and materials.
  2. Put your baking soda in the bowl. (The more you put in the more slime you will have).
  3. Next add the detergent to the bowl. Try to pour the same amount as the baking soda.
  4. Stir ingredients together, until the texture is gooey.
  5. Once you have the texture you want, have fun and play with it!

My Slime!

This is how my slime turned out. Depending on how much baking soda and detergent you use, will depend on the texture of your slime.
Big image

Hypothesis Tested!

My hypothesis was correct because when making slime, you have to add more baking soda or detergent based on what the texture already is. You have to keep adding it until you get the texture you want.
Big image