Miller's Little Ponies

Fun in First Grade

Learning with Miller's Littles

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Happy May!

Miller's Little Ponies Telling Time

We are focusing on learning the parts of a clock and telling time to the hour and half hour. We are enjoying using manipulatives to tell time and will also continue our place value and measurement units as well to strengthen those particular skills. The kiddos will even make their very own clock this coming week! :}
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Science Experiments to explain our earth

We speak for the trees!

We are investigating the parts of a plant and how things like roots and a stem work to keep plants alive. We had a BLAST enjoying our pudding "dirt" snack with "humus" on the top to provide nutrients and proper soil for plants to grow. The gummy worm was delicious, but also helped explain how real worms aerate soil to make it a fertile, habitable place for plants to grow. Our celery stalk and white carnations are beginning to change color by drinking the colored water and sending it to the other parts of the plant. Let's see how blue our carnations become!
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We love literacy!

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Spirit Day!

We loved sharing our day with our favorite stuffed animals!

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Friendships and Fun in First Grade

Here we are enjoying the Spring sunshine!
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What a Performance: Harry Potter!

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Upcoming events in Room 2 and Crozet Elementary

Materials Needed!

Monday, May 4th, 7:30am to Friday, May 8th, 2:45pm

1407 Crozet Avenue

Crozet, VA

We have many fun crafts coming up. If you are able, please send in as many of these materials as you can. THANK YOU, especially to those who have already donated! :D

1. Disinfecting Wipes

2. Ribbon

3. Fabric Scraps

4. Glue Sticks


Crozet Elementary has its very own online store where you can

purchase a customized school supply kit with everything your child will

need next year! This is not only the most convenient way to buy school

supplies, but is also a fundraiser that will help the PTO purchase kits

for children who need them. Go to and select

the kit for your upcoming child's grade. All kits will be delivered

directly to your child's classroom! Deadline is June 30th."

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