By Andrew Schroeder


  • He was born on March 6th 1475 in Florence, Italy
  • Most of his life was lived where he was born, in Florence
  • He was the apprenticed to the famous painter Domenico Ghirlandaio
  • Michelangelo was born into power,but it was taken from his family so they moved away, 7 years later he returned
  • He mainly created sculptures: David, Pieta, Cupid but he also could paint, he painted Sistine Chapel ceiling
  • His patrons were Pope Paul the 3rd and Pope Julius the 2nd

The Sistine Chapel

Famous Art Work: David

About David

  • David was created in 1501 and was finished in 1504
  • The piece is located in a gallery: Galleria dell'Accademia
  • It is a piece of a man that is naked and is standing up and that was rare back then
  • I found this interesting because he was one of the first artist to expand his abilities and create something no one considered to do before
  • This shows skepticism because the sculpture is a fully nude man standing and that was uncommon during this era


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