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Colonized - A Unit of Study about Cultural Awareness

The students have chosen a fascinating route to take with this unit of study! They are very curious about:

  • How did the colonists survive weather conditions during their journeys?
  • How did they decide who and what to pack with them?
  • How did they communicate once they reached the new world?
  • How are traditions affected by the region you live?
  • Is there a possibility that we might one day be able to colonize the moon?

Student Artifacts... how can we use them to motivate authentic learning?

Holiday Lunch Details.....

  • Dec. 13 Kindergarten 11:00, Fourth grade 12:00, Third grade 1:00 (all others will eat bag lunches in the classrooms)
  • Dec. 14 First grade 11:00, Second grade 12:00, Fifth grade 1:00 (all others will eat bag lunches in the classrooms)


We are having a high report of flu cases in our building. PLEASE remind your child of the importance of washing hands and not sharing food items. Also, if you have any extra Clorox wipes that you would like to donate to our class, we would greatly appreciate it! I promise to do my very best to keep everyone healthy ;)

Content Related

ELA - we review the elements of a story (setting, character, plot, problem/solution) and apply it to the reader's theater productions (analyzing their theaters to help them better understand colonization in and beyond our world!

Division/Multiplication - we review how different strategies help different learners.

Science - we will review moon phases and tides this week and likely assess on Friday. Next, we will look at what it means to be a researcher (using the blooms questions to support our thinking.

Colonization - Why do people move? What impact did colonization have on the way we celebrate holidays and traditions today. Please ask your child about the research they are doing to honor and celebrate culture diversity!

Assessments - before Christmas break we will be assessing division, colonization, and the moon. PLEASE make sure your child is bringing home his or her notes every night to review. If able, accessing Edmodo and using the tools I share on there will also help your child prepare for success!

Apps, Inicators, Artifacts...oh my!

This week...

Again, another view of what we will be covering for the rest of this week and next week. Please be sure to review notes each night. This long division is a challenging concept for fourth graders, however, it is even more so when multiplication is not proficient. Let me know if I can help support with any additional at home materials :)

Thank you to my amazing kiddos!

For surprising me with an amazingly sweet card and iTunes gift card for us to use to buy apps! I am lucky to have students that care so much about their teacher. I am proud of them for setting a goal...and reaching it together! Way to go guys, y'all

V.I.D's (very important dates)

  • Holiday meals (see above for complete schedule) December 13th @ 12:00
  • Christmas Break - December 20-January 2 (return to school January 3rd)
  • Wednesday, February 6th - Late Start
  • Wednesday, March 13th - Late Start
  • Wednesday, April 24th - Late Start