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Cori Smith with AIM News from Glasgow, Scotland

Thenk Ye frae Scotland

Hello to all my family, friends and faithful supporters,

It has been three months since I ventured back to Glasgow, and what an amazing trip it has been thus far! Already, we have seen growth, blessings, miracles and lots of rain (ahem, literally). This year, Harvest Bible College is bubbling with excitement as the students and staff are already sharing lots of laughs and memories.

We launched October with perhaps my favorite pastime: relaxing! The Northern District Ladies spent a lovely weekend in the quiet, breathtaking Scottish highlands. It was a privilege to spend time with women of God, gaining wisdom, sharing stories and burdens.

In late October, I was blessed to attend the Autumn Leadership Convention in Birmingham, England, where the theme of "Anointing" became a literal outpouring of God's Spirit. There were a number of mentoring classes and teaching seminars, but I am safe to say that God and His Word took precedence. What a wonderful time we had!

If I thought October was busy, I was not the least bit ready for November! A number of activities have taken place at New Life Church, such as outreach, youth services, prayer walks, Christmas plays and you know, just a small trip to FRANCE! That's right, we all made our way to Paris for the 2012 European Youth Conference. After surviving the dangers of Paris traffic, we made it safely to Melun. Nonetheless, the conference was absolutely powerful. As I watched the youth of Europe (with numerous countries represented) worship and seek God in unity, I couldn't help but feel a sensation of awe and joy at what the Lord is doing in this region of the world. I thank God for the opportunity to have been there once more. Plus, I ate lots of crêpes and tasted frog legs....mmm...

Now, how could I forget Thanksgiving Dinner? A few of us Americans woke up with a wee bit of homesickness when the 22nd "rolled" around, but I don't think we realized how sweet the day would be. Over 24 of us gathered together at the Kelley's home for a delicious, and might I add, candlelight Thanksgiving meal, complete with turkey, stuffing, and apple butter. A feeling of thankfulness was in the air. Even though many of us were miles away from home, we still felt the love and peace of Jesus. It surely was a blessed day.

I believe that brings me up to date. I'm looking forward to the Christmas Holiday with great expectations for the New Year. A sincere thank you for your continued prayers and support. Please keep Scotland in your prayers and you will be in ours.

God Bless!
Cori Leigh
P.S. I love you Washington!

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First, I would like to give you a wee welcome and thank you for reading. My name is Cori Smith and I was born and raised in Washington State (Holla!). With little but a passion for the Kingdom of God, the Lord has led me to Glasgow, Scotland where I am working as an Associate in Missions at New Life Church. Please join me in my journey and stay blessed with good news from Scotland!