The US Department of HUD

Jim Karahalios (December 1st, 2014)

Facts about HUD

  • HUD's mission is to create a strong, sustainable communities and qualify affordable homes for all.
  • HUD is working to strengthen the housing market to bloster the economy and protect consumers.
  • Juliàn Castro is the Secretary of HUD.


Article: Homelessness Rose in New York

This article was published in October 30th, 2014. The homelessness in New York continued to grow. In 2014, the number of homeless people in New York reached about 67,810. In New York, the number of homeless veterans dropped to 1,645 in 2014 from 3,547 last year.


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My Responses

I don't think the facts sort of answered my question about them helping the homeless, because what I mean by that is, I wonder how their progress is doing. Furthurmore, this might answer half of my questions, but not entirely. I am not sure they answered my other question about how much money they have earned. Although, I did looked up their history, and it seems to me that their progress isn't giving much help for the homeless, so that might also answer my first question. The purpose of the HUD however, has answered my question clearly, because their mission was to make strong homes for the homeless. In the 1990's for my question, I think they aren't doing a good job on that. I mean, I don't think the HUD were helpful in the 1990's. I predict that what's gonna happen in Our America story, is gonna involve violence and a lot of protests.