Team Awesome Update

December 9-13


Regular Math: We will complete our equations/inequalities contract this week and test on Thursday. We will also begin our semester review for our exam next week. Everyone will receive the review on Monday. You can also find it on the math webpage under files.


TUTORING THIS WEEK on Monday December 9th until 4:30.

Advanced Math - We will test over Unit 4 on Tuesday of this week. Our performance task will be on Thursday. We will also begin our review for the semester exam. You can find a copy of the review on the math webpage under files.

NO POW this week.


Social Studies

Our Economics Test is Friday. Students have a study guide and flash cards to help them study. Encourage them to study at least 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Exam is next Wednesday. Study guide will be given out today or tomorrow. This is the only re-testing for the semester. Students who failed a test must re-take. All others have the chance if they wish.

Create a Country Part 1 is due next Friday.


We will start reviewing this week for our semester exam which will be on Tuesday, December 17th. A study guide will be given out this week.

SCIENCE EXPOSITION: Team Awesome has done a fantastic job on their science projects!!! Classes will continue to present their display boards on Monday December 9th and Tuesday December 10th until all students have had an opportunity to share their project with their class. Each class is learning a lot from each other!!!!