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May 5 - 12

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Roxanne Pautin

Senior Roxanne Pautin, was awarded top three of her senior class. Roxanne has worked tirelessly for this academic achievement, and her hard work has paid off. So, how does it feel being top three? Well, Roxanne said, “It feels incredible knowing that I beat my siblings rank wise, and it feels even better knowing I am top three with my best friends!” Her motivation was led by the idea of ending up in Medical School after High school. She said, “I knew I wanted to make a career in the medical field, and getting into med school means having a high GPA, and paying loads of cash.” She goes on to say, “Plus I love the friendly competition between my friends and I.”

Being the top three is definitely worth the bragging rights, but also the importance of it has made Roxanne feel amazing. She says, “Being top three hasn't really affected me, other than me thinking it is a super cool accomplishment, and funny to use against my siblings.” Roxanne has had an amazing senior year, filled with many accomplishments. “I’m going to attend University of North Texas, and then head off to dental school to become an Orthodontist! I love that dental scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I also want to travel all around Europe and have a dwarf hamster!” Roxanne Pautin definitely has her plans after high school, and they are fun! We cannot wait to see what you continue to do! Congratulations to our Top three graduate, Roxanne Pautin and good luck!

-Alyssa Mandujano

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Southwest High School celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week with a host of activities for our teachers. We started off with a Sprit Week that included a variety of fun themes. Monday: Hats Off to Teachers- wear your favorite hat, Tuesday - Be A Superhero-dress up as superhero, Wednesday: Game On Teachers- wear your favorite jersey, , Thursday: May the Force Be With You and Friday: Show Your Generation-dress the Decade You Were Born.

Teachers were also treated to breakfast tacos on Monday and other treats from various student organizations throughout the week such as donuts and goody bags.

Teacher Appreciation Week ended with a big bang, an Olive Garden luncheon!

On behalf of the teachers and staff, we'd like to thank Student Council and the Student Leaders for decorating the gym! We also appreciate everyone who made this week so special for us!

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This week was teacher appreciation week, we interviewed Mr. Patina about how he enjoys being a teacher. He said “My favorite part about teaching is getting to know the kids, I like to give words of wisdom here and there. Something I always tell my students is, “You could be the eagle or the crow. You could be on the same level as them like a crow, or you could rise above them and be the eagle.”

Every teacher becomes a teacher for a different reason. Mr. Patina said, “I became a teacher because I want to help students become the best versions of themselves and inspire them to achieve their goals no matter if they go to college or trade school.” Here at Southwest we appreciate our teachers. We asked Mr. Patina why he chose to work at Southwest and he said “I graduated Southwest in 2018. I grew up in the district and I want to help kids who were in the same situation I was in.”

As a new teacher Mr. Patina is excited for the years to come, “I am excited, I look forward to being a better teacher, mentor and role model for my students”

-Abigail Ramirez

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This is Teacher's Appreciation Week and today we are highlighting Ms. Persyn. Mrs. Persyn gave a few reasons as to why she chose to be an educator at Southwest High School. Her favorite part of teaching is to watch her students grow, change, and mature. “They all start somewhere different,” said Ms Persyn warmly. Ms.Persyn has such a bright welcoming personality that flows into her work here at Southwest High School. This is confirmed by her responses to certain questions. What’s her teaching philosophy you may ask? She believes learning looks different for every student. Just like life is different for everybody. They all start somewhere and everybody comes from somewhere different. Everybody is dealing with something different. Everyone has a different path and upbringing,” said Ms. Persyn. She ended by stating, “I feel at home here.” This pretty much sums up all the greatness that Ms.Persyn gives to our students! We appreciate you so much Ms.Persyn!

-Cecily Martinez

Fun in Austin

On Thursday April 27th, the Yearbook Class went on their last field trip of the year. They traveled to Austin and visited the Texas Capitol where they got the opportunity to observe the Senate pass bills and even admire the beautiful architecture. Students also had the chance to watch people actively protesting. Afterwards, the Yearbook Class went out to eat at Local Foods 2nd Street District which offered a wide array of plain great dishes for everyone to enjoy. There was also a fun little toy shop across the street called 'Toy Joy' that was a nice way to end the trip.

Senior Elena Posey said “I had a unique and special experience visiting the Capitol because I’ve never been before. I also loved going on another field trip with all my senior friends from last year.” Her favorite memory was when she went to Buc-ee’s and got the pulled pork sandwich.

- Leiah Bodden

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Senior softball players share how they feel with the year coming to an end and even share some advice for any future players. Softball has had a huge impact on these players and Southwest was lucky to have them this year. Here are what some seniors have to say about the 2023 softball season and even some advice for next year players

This year's Senior, Kaycee Kunz says leaving the team will definitely be hard to do. “Softball has introduced many friends to me that I will forever be grateful for,” said Kunz.

Angela Morales said balancing daily life and being in a sport is hard and time consuming but but she figured out a way to manage! “I balance life, softball, and high school by putting my priorities first and communicating with the people involved in my life," said Morales. Some advice from Angela is to give it your full effort when the ball gets put into action and to give themselves positive self talks throughout the game.

Keyanna Bass said, “I try to get as much school work done during school with any free time I have. After practice or a game, I get straight to any homework I have, then I relax and do my personal/home activities." For anyone who wants to play, just have fun, make sure you work, and be yourself. It'll make the team stronger. As of right now I do not plan on playing softball in college”.

-Ernesto Flores

Band at Fiesta

Fiesta parades are a popular cultural celebration in many parts of the world, particularly in Latin America and the United States. These parades are known for their vibrant colors, lively music, and festive atmosphere. For many people, attending a fiesta parade is not just a chance to celebrate their cultural heritage, but also an opportunity to connect with others and experience the joy of Hispanic culture. For those who have experienced the love at fiesta parades, the memories of these events often hold a special place in their hearts. At this year's parade, our very own Southwest High School Band got to play the streets. “ It was a surreal feeling the love and security of the city that night. I felt embedded in the community; a fair part. There was so much love and respect that night. Obviously at the end we were all exhausted, but it was so worth it to see all the smiles of people dancing in the crowd “ said Jacob Hanson.

-Liliana Ramirez

Yearbooks On Sale!

You will need to purchase them in room 251.

Yearbook price: $55

We will let you know via announcements when they arrive!


May 18

Senior Walk Southwest High School

May 22-24

During all lunches, Mr. Johnson will be in the Mall to sign the Senior Checklist. When seniors are marked off, they will receive a wristband. They will need to wear the wristband at all Senior functions identifying that they have completed all the necessary paperwork and are ready for graduation.

May 22, 2023

Senior Exams Periods 2,4,6

Students will turn in the completed Senior Checklist during all lunches.

May 23, 2023

Senior Exams Periods 1,3,5,7

Students will turn in the completed Senior Checklist during all lunches.

May 24, 2023

Senior Make-Up Exams

Seniors must have turned in their checklist to Mr. Johnson

All senior failures must be turned in to Mrs. Allen and Ms. Gonzalez before 4:30 pm on Wednesday, May 24th.

Any seniors not on the failure list will be considered to be passing the course.

Compact and Parent Involvement

Dear Parents!

We need your help! Do you have ideas that will help SWHS run smoother?! Do you want a voice in what's happening on SWHS campus and the students? If so, we need you! We are looking for 4 to 5 parent volunteers.

Parents, members of the community, and school staff will meet to discuss the design and implementation of the Parent & Family Engagement Policy.

Please contact Sharri Peterson at speterson@swisd.net, if interested.

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