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March 21, 2020


  • Updates from Mrs. Cicco
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Student Emails
  • Google Classroom
  • Access to Meals
  • Spirit Week
  • Tumbler Update
  • Suggestion for a schedule while at home
  • Managning our new normal
  • Talking with your kids
  • Report Cards
  • PTA Updates
  • Important Dates
  • Contacting Brooklyn School

Message from Mrs. Cicco

Hello Brooklyn,

We really miss seeing all of you daily and hope you are staying safe and healthy.

Our Brooklyn staff thanks you for your cooperation and understanding during this time of uncertainity. Our cleaning staff has been working diligently to disinfect our school for when we return. Staff will not be in the building during the next few weeks and communication will occur through emails, phone calls, virtual meeting etc. Teachers have been working hard to reach out to all students. If you haven't heard from your teacher, please email them. At this time they do not have access to voicemail.

Here is an article from the CDC that may be helpful when talking to your children about Covid-19.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, feel free to fill this form out. I will get back to you within 24 hours. Brooklyn School Feedback Form. Or I can be reached by email at I will be working remotely for the health and safety of everyone.

Cristin Cicco

Weekly Challenge - Hurricane Pride

Hurricane Pride...

Those in the middle of a hurricane RISE UP and that is exactly what we are going to do.

We have decided that we still have that hurricane pride and want our students, families, and staff to see that. We are going to have weekly challenges (school appropriate). They will run (Wednesday to Tuesday). Teachers will share with families, I will share in the weekly newsletter. We asked that kids/families submit to their teachers. We are going to develop an online bulletin board, once we start receiving photo's.

This week's challenge -

Hello Hurricanes! Since it’s Friday let’s try something fun on social media! Yesterday, Gov. Mike DeWine asked Ohioans to fly their American or Ohio flag. With that said let’s show our Ohio patriotism! We are asking our Brooklyn Staff and Families to take a photo with the American or Ohio flag at your house. Don't have a flag? Share a photo wearing red/white/blue. We want to see your patriotism! Photo's might appear on our district website or our virtual bulletin board.

Student Emails

When we passed out packets, we included a notecard with each students brooklyn email and password. This is an email for your child to connect with their teacher and will be their log in for access google classroom and documents.

If you do not know your username and password, contact the teacher or the principal. One of will be able to give you that information.

Directions for logging into your Google Drive at Home

1. Go to the Internet

2. Go to Google

3. Click on the icon on the right side of the screen (if there is one there- it might

be a letter or photo or other icon that goes with your account).

IF YOU DON’T SEE an icon, click the blue SIGN IN button

4. IF this is the first time, you’ve ever logged in before, click on: Use another Account OR Add User

6. Then enter your email: (for example:

7. Click NEXT

8. Enter your password (the one you use all the time at school- it’s 8 characters (4 letters 4 numbers)

9. You should now be in and able to access your Google Drive – click on the Apps Launcher in the upper right corner!

10. Next time, if you’ve logged on the computer before, you’ll just need to click your username. (Your username should be there and enter the password to get into your Google account.

Google Classroom

Directions for logging into Google Classroom at Home:

Once you’ve logged into your Google account.

You should be able to access Google Classroom by clicking the Apps Launcher in the upper, right hand corner and scrolling until you find the Google Classroom Icon

OR Go to (If you haven’t yet signed in to your Google Account, it will ask you to sign in to your account in order to access your Google Classroom!)


Food pick up information

All Brooklyn City Schools students are eligible for a free breakfast and lunch during the state directed extended school closure related to the COVID-19 / coronavirus outbreak.

Hurricane Meals will be provided on a weekly basis to all Brooklyn City School families interested.

Hurricane Meals can be ordered online through a Google Form or by phone. Please choose ONE method of ordering.

Google Form - Complete one (1) form per student, please. Orders placed for breakfast and/or lunches will be for the entire week (5 days). Orders must be placed by 4:00 pm on Sunday, March 22 for pick up on Monday, March 23. Click this link #HurricaneMeals

Phone orders - Parents may also phone in their orders. The phone number is 216-485-8113. Please leave a voicemail with student first and last name, parent first and last name, student number, grade, phone number and meal choices listed below:
Breakfast - Yes or No
Lunch - Yes or No

Parents will then pick up meals at Brooklyn High School (9200 Biddulph Rd.) on Monday, March 23, 2020 between the hours of 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. Pick up/ drive through lines will be in the front of the High School building.

Please contact our Business Office at 216-485-8121 for any questions.

Spirit Week

We are going to try a virtual spirit week. Take some pictures and join in class meetings showing your spirit.

Monday - Pajama Day

Tuesday - Favorite Team Day

Wednesday - Crazy Hat/Hair Day

Thursday - Favorite Superhero

Friday - Show your Hurricane Spirit

Big picture

Tumbler Sale

I have been in contact with the company. With all the closers occurringover the last week, they will let me know when all the items are available to send. Once they are sent to the school, I will distribute them and contact each person who bought items. Thank you for being understanding and patient.

Daily Schedule while at home

Here is a link to a suggested schedule. I know I am a person who likes routine and structure. This has been helpful with my own two children. Hopefully you find it helpful.
Big picture

Interesting thoughts on how to manage this new adventure.

As we navigate through social distancing and educating our kids from home, please remember they are kids. I read an article about a mother's reflection after 911. She had many valid points.

Here were some of her thoughts, that I never thought about until I read this.

1- We leave the news on way to much and talk about adult subjects in front of kids way too much, causing anxiety and fear that will come out later in life. Turn off the TV and talk about these things when they are not around. When you do talk about this in front of them, use terms and words that they understand and in a way that doesn't strike fear. Their brains are not equipped yet to handle these tough subjects.

2- Embrace the next few weeks with joy, positive attitudes and make memories you can look back on in years to come! Monopoly tournaments, Uno contests, chess, 500 Rummy or increase to 5000 Rummy that lasts for days. Go for hikes, do puzzles together, learn new recipes and cook together, don't be afraid to embrace new challenges together! Make scrapbooks of the past, read chapter books together! Treasure this time

3- Encourage kids to document this time. My grandma would be 118 years old, she was born in 1907, she kept a journal everyday from the age of 14. WOW it has been amazing to go back and read. Write in journals, draw, do a picture book with daily photo's. This will be a time they never forget.

4- Talk to them about how they are feeling, hug them and acknowledge this is uncharted territory.

5- Hug them

6 - Watch movies together

7- Plan future adventures together

8- Most importantly ~ Treasure these moments and let them know you want to spend time with them.

Talking to your kids.

Great article on talking with your children about the coronavirus.

Click here.

Report Cards

Reports are available online this Friday, March 27th. We will not be sending home paper copies. Here are the steps to find your child's report card.

You can log into your ProgressBook account if you know your log in by following these steps.

Go to the district website (differs a little between cell phones or a computer).
Find the parent resource tab
Find ProgressBook Parent Access
Click on Parent Access website
Choose Brooklyn School District
Sign in
On the left side of your child’s page is a link that says report card.

If you don’t have your log information, please contact email me at

PTA News and Updates

Yankee Candle Sale

We will not be following through with this fundraiser in the school setting. However the online ordering and home delivery is still an option. Online orders can be placed until July 8th. If you have already collected orders and money, you can 1) return the orders and money to the person 2) convert it to an online order. If you need more information or have questions, email Mrs. Cicco and she will try to point you in the right direction.

Contacting Brooklyn School Personnel

Attendance Line ~ (216) 485-8171

  • When reporting your child off, please include: first and last name of the child, grade, reason for absence, who is reporting the child off and a number you can be reached.

Mrs. Cristin Cicco ~ Principal

(216) 485-8177

Ms. Lara Smith ~ Assistant Principal

(216) 485-8178

Mrs. Annie Bir ~ Guidance Counselor (Grades 4-7)

(216) 485-8128

Mrs. Denise Smith ~ Guidance Counselor (Grades PK-3)

(216) 485 - 8173

Mrs. Laura Paul ~ Brooklyn School Secretary

(216) 485-8176