Feud News

11:34AM, The forest of Gradwitz, Property edition, volume 1.

Bodies found

In the middle of the cold Gradwitz forest two bodies are discovered crushed by fallen tree branches. The bodies are believed to have been Ulrich Von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym. Local authorities have told Feud news that the two men were feuding over who should get more property. When we interviewed the woman that found the bodies she said that the meat was picked clean from the bones. She tells us that there are vicious wolves man eating and wild.

Were the meat eating culprits. “When i walked out of my house to walk my dog in the woods. I knew that the wind had blown hard last night so I was expecting fallen branches. But I never expected two bodies fallen to the ground.”

The rivals

The feud between the two rivals has been going on for about two years now. Whether the feud is still going on or not, now that the family heads have both died. On the site of death, a wine flask was found beside the body of Ulrich Von Gradwitz. This has led both families to believe that the two were injured and decided to end the feud but there is still speculation. Other cases like this have occurred in which there is a feud and mere minutes before death the two decide to end the feud. Such as in the Family edition volume 4, the Town

edition volume 2, and even Sibling edition volume 8. This has been feud Property edition volume one.