Talking Drum

The talking drum originates in Mali, West Africa.

History and Importance

The talking drum is a vital instrument developed and used in Mali, West Africa. The talking drum is a very important form of communication. The talking drum was once and still used in areas of Africa without radio or phones. The talking drum has its own language and can be heard to send messages from village to village. The drum also has different tones and meaning to it. The different sounds include tone, slap and base. Without the use of the talking drum communicators would have to walk by foot from village to village to send messages and spread news.
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How the talking drum is made?

The talking drum is made out of animal skin and wood. These are basic materials found in West Africa.

Reason for having a talking drum?

Back the before cell phones and radio the talking drum was used as a form of communication. The talking drum is still used as a form of communication in remote village locations in Africa. The talking drum in modern times is used as any other instrument in ceremonies, for dancing or even religious reasons.
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Talking drum vs. other instruments in Africa

The talking drum is used mainly as a form of communication while other forms of music were used for religious reasons, ceremonies or entertainment. Other types of instruments include a various array of aerophones including algaita and end blown flutes.
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The Jelli as known in West Africa represents a person who is vital to the African community and shares the history of Africa through oral tradition. The Jelli is called that because they represent the blood of Africa. The analogy is Blood: Body as Jelli: Africa. The Jelli is one who typically teaches the younger generations how to understand and communicate the language of the drum.

The Talking Drum vs. Modern Communication

The talking drum was once the fastest form of communication but now we have advanced technology that is much more reliable and faster than the talking drum. The talking drum is still considered a great form of communication if advanced modern technology is not available to you.
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Why you should purchase a talking drum!

The talking drum is a beautiful instrument with a rich and beautiful culture. The talking drum also still contains great use and can make beautiful, unique music!