Roman Homes

Grace Rubin

Roman Baths

The all new, easy way to clean...Roman baths. They're the new fad in Rome, used by the people.

Roman baths are a new addition to the area. They are used by the normal male townspeople, mainly to bathe. If you plan on taking baths with privacy, be aware that you won't be alone in there! The baths took about 300 years to make, and started between 60-70 AD. By the 4th century AD, there were 11 public baths and 926 private baths. The water's temperature ranges, staying year-round at about 64 degrees celsius (147.2 degrees fahrenheit). The Roman Baths are a similar thing to the Artificial Enhanced Geothermal System (GES). The baths are made by underground water pockets, which heat up from the pressure as the water rises into the baths. At first, when the baths were made, the Roman kings used this bath. Then, they realized that they were not good enough, and had some made for the people, and used only the best tools and materials to make his own. We interviewed a man named Marcus, and he gave us some insight on the baths. 'They are so hot!!!' He states, claiming to have been 'boiled alive'. A man who studied these hot water pockets says, "We do not hold any responsibility with you," he says, "We are only liable if you were to severely injure yourself, whether it be burns, or drowning. It is not possible to be boiled in these baths." The baths are now located all over Rome, and hopefully they will live on in tradition later in history.


The Christians were considered low, and we still think of it that way. Why, though?

Christianity started when Jesus was a grown man. He heard about the religion in Rome, and said it wasn't the truth. Christianity is translated to mean "The anointed one," and it means Messiah. The messiah was ordered to be killed on a cross. this is called crucification. he died on the cross and opened the gates to Heaven. Some Romans believe in it still. the roman population of Christians has been growing, and we all wonder why. We Romans considered him as a "religious security risk". Pontius Pilate planned on killing someone else because of murder, but Jesus took the blame. They both ended up getting crucified. Christianity is very important to some Romans.