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Job Description

A Biologist is a scientist who studies living organisms and their relationship t their environment.

One cool fact about this job and How does this career benefit society

One cool fact is you get to see how organisms react to things. This career benefits society by uncovering the relationship between a protein's genetic mutations and a patient's symptoms to better understand a disease.

Some things that we work on

Education requirement and skills needed

You need a bachelor's degree in biology. The skills you need is to be able to work independently or as part of a team.

Personality needed for the job

You need to be curious , patients, and with excellent communication skills.

Annual salary or wages and projected job growth

$59,330 is what you will get in a year.Projected job growth Is faster than average ( 14% to 20%)There is a good chance for you to get this job.

Companies that hire in this field

Companies that hire biologist is Center for Disease control, Monsanto ,and National institutes of heath.