She smiles and says

Take him to the Restoration Rooms. She looks at me and says, Don’t worry, they will have you back wenatcheefollies to normal in no time. I know you will do just great tomorrow. The Grods do not grab me this time, but they point me in which direction to go as they flank me on both sides. Once we are in the metallic box, they press a button, and I feel the force of the movement indicate we are going to a lower level than before.

The ride takes longer than the previous ride to the office. I am guessing we are now below ground. We step out into the clean white polished hallway and walk towards the double doors at the end. When the doors open, all I can see in the room wenatcheefollies is a seven-foot long copper colored tube supported by six wide arching legs sitting directly in the center of the room. There is a mirror behind the box with a door to its left, but nothing else.

A thin black-haired woman with brown sunken eyes and pale brightly painted skin approaches. I have never seen a woman’s face with so much color. On her lips, cheeks, eyelids. Almost everything seems to be wenatcheefollies decorated with a color different from her natural skin. Hadley was always so beautiful whether she had been working all day out in the sun or just waking from a nap.

There was never a change to her exquisiteness, but even I would have a hard time trying to recognize her in this getup. The wenatcheefollies painted lady commands the Grods Go, go, go, I have got it from here. Go! as she almost shoves them out the doors. She then looks at me and repugnantly says with a squeaky voice, Ugh, you are in just awful shape. But fret not, I will have you looking just handsome in no time at all! I just stand there having a hard time not looking at her clown face, but she starts to push me towards the tube persistently saying, Get in, get in.

We have got to get going. We wenatcheefollies are on a tight schedule. I have to make you whole again, she says as she gives my nose a playful honk. I instinctively yelp in pain. What is wrong with this lady? Can’t she see my nose is broken? She just looks at me and says, Oh, hush. Get over it baby. Now get in wenatcheefollies the tube before I tranq you and put you in there myself.

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Harlem Shake - Holy Nazarene (Girls)