The Pretty Little Liars

By: Arionna Brown

Story elements

The Pretty Little Liars takes place in Rosewood during the present. The main conflict in the story is Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer's friend Alison went missing at a sleepover, Now someone named "A" keeps stalking them and threatening to tell their secrets. The book begins with the five girls at a sleepover and Spencer hears a scream and Aria woke up to find Alison and Spencer missing. Spencer came back to the house and told the girls that she heard a scream which is why she went to go outside to see what it was.

Character Analysis

The main characters are Alison, Emily, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and "A". Three words to describe the main characters are brave, smart, and. The character is motivated by "A" because "A" keeps giving them hints about Alison's disappearance but little do they know, "A" is trying to find Alison it's self which isn't good. I dislike the one of the main characters Aria, because she barely does anything to help the girls find Alison, she tells the girls to just forget about Alison. The relationship between the girls and "A" is they don't like "A" because it is stalking them and threatening to tell their secrets.


The theme of the novel is if you do bad things to people then bad things will happen to you. One example that supports the theme is Alison and her friends were being mean to everybody for no reason. Another example is Alison and her friend's set Toby's barn on fire and his little sister was in it, now she's blind for life. A third example from the book is Alison "suddenly" went missing. A final example that supports the theme is the girls are getting stalked and threatened by someone named "A", whom they do not know.


Teens can relate to this novel because it could happen to someone someday. Also, it is a mysterious book to read, it'll always keep the reader wondering.