Monday eLearning Missive

April 4, 2016

Happy Spring!

This week's schedule:

Monday - Plaza, Caze, Hebron, Fairlawn

Tuesday- AIS Diamond

Wednesday- AIS First

Thursday - Stockwell AM, Open PM

Friday - Open Flex AM, iTeam Meeting PM

If you see the word Open in my schedule, I'm available if you have any questions or want help with anything technology related.

eRev 2016 - Early Bird

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The Early Bird Gets the Worm ( and the discounts!)

If you haven't heard, the registration for eRev 2016 is now open. The discounted EVSC rate is only good through April 16th. Hop on over to the registration page to grab your spot before they are gone. If your friends from outside of EVSC would like to join us, there is a discounted rate for them too!