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Be Open, Be Vulnerable

In our book, Mindsets it states: "Setbacks label you, in the fixed Mindset". Everyone overcomes so many things. Some much more than others. However, those that overcome the most are most likely to have the growth mindset.

You have probably noticed at Hosp we tend to have a lot of visitors. This is a good thing! I want them to come. I want/crave the feedback we get from them. Our district is filled with experts, specialists, people that have been there and done that. So all of these amazing people that come to our campus are giving us the feedback and coaching from a more global perspective that will make our school, me, you, and our kids the best we can be.

In order to do this you have to put yourself out there.

Be open to a little feedback that can at times be difficult to hear.

Be open to watching other teachers, and having other teachers watch you.

Be open to being honest with yourself and others about strengths and weaknesses and then be open to working to get better.

What is your Mindset? How open are you? What are you willing to change to get better for your students, for yourself?


January 19th- No school

January 20th- Principal Collaborative Planning Group, Instructional Team Leader Meeting, and Jeans Day

January 22nd- CIT

January 26th- Name and Need/Data Meetings/SST

February 2nd- Staff Meeting

February 3rd- 1st Grade Choir/PTA

February 16th- Staff Development (Teachers will need to bring classroom libraries that are complete. Part of this day is going to be spent on readers response and you will need to have these with you).


Teachers if you know you are going to be out please put it into the system as soon as possible. If there are days you are requesting off please put it in Eduphoria and once it is approved put the absences in Aesop.

The district is adding subs and we hope to have two more parents added to this list that will help us tremendously.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you to all the staff who helped out at Spring Creek BBQ for our Spirit Night!