Stella's Term 2-3 Goals

By Stella Robins

Reading: Read different genres of books.


I do not think I have succeeded with this goal as I am still reading Fantasy only.

So I think I will carry on with this goal. How am I going to Achieve this goal?: I will get people to choose different genres of books for me to read.

Maths: To get over 70% in my basic facts test.


I have not succeeded in this goal as I got 69% in my basic facts test But as I got 69% I do not think I will do this goal again. But I would like to get a higher percentage like 100% in my basic Facts.I know my basic facts are good but I just need to be quicker. How I achieved this? I went on Mathletics.

A2A: Actively involved.


I feel as though I have partially achieved this. As I am offering more ideas in class discussions. And leading small groups more often.

New Reading goal: To read different genres of books other then fantasy.

How I am going to achieve this?:

I am keeping this goal as last term I do not think I achieved it last term. How am I going to achieve this? To do blind dates in the library or get other people to choose books for me.

New Maths goal: To get 3 or more questions right in the otago problem solving test. And to learn short division.

How am I going to achieve this?:

To go on Mathletics and Tutpup.

To do spare problem solving sheets in my spare time.

A2A Goal: To be Persistent in my learning and not to give up.

How am I going to achieve this?:

To not give up when things get to hard and get stuck. If I don't understand something I will ask people for help or ask them to give me Ideas that will help.

Fitness Goal: To get over 7 in the beep test.

Last term I got 6.2 and the term before I got 5.3. So I am getting better each time.

How will I achieve this?:

By doing more running in my spare time.

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