Chasing Vermeer

Written by: Brett Helquist Presentation by: Austin Gillis


The theme of this story is not everything has an explanation. In the story, Calder and Petra find evidence that not even authorities can explain. They both then decide that the evidence they were finding that seemed like a coincidence were not; in fact, they were all connected.


Petra and Calder have embarked on a mission to solve a great art theft. They both find coincidences that bring them both together.

Rising Action

Petra and Calder continue to find clues that don't seem to fit


Petra and Calder find the painting. They are chased down by a mad man. He steals the painting again and knocks out Calder. Calder and the painting are found.


The author used dialogue, thoughts and actions to characterize the two characters, Petra and Calder. For example, Calder was thinking intently and didn't even realize he pulled out his pentominoes. This shows Calder tends to day dream.


Denise walked up to Calder and stepped on his pentomino and said "Sor-ree I stepped on your toy." This shows that Calder is not the most popular kid in the school.

Also, Calder says," Go back down."

Petra responds,"By myself?" This shows Petra is scared.

Figurative Language

With the flicker of a smile, Mrs.Sharpe reached across the table and straightened a tulip. This shows that everything is good again.

Mrs.Sharpe's eyes turned into slits. This shows that Mrs.Sharpe is starting to get suspicious.