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Surfing the Net with Kids

Resources, resources, resources! Any type of lesson you are wanting to teach, check out Surfing the Net with Kids! It has fun activities and resources for every subject imaginable. Check this out and search for the subject you might be struggling with teaching.


Here is a link that is found in the science portion of Surfing the Net with Kids. I clicked on the dinosaur link, and then found a link within that section! Try this interactive learning activity that teaches students about dinosaurs while they are creating their own!
Build a dinosaur!

The Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel is a great resource to have because it has different videos, lessons, and fun ideas to bring into the classroom. Instead of just reading information about what teachers are doing in their own classrooms, there are actual videos about what is going on to make it more interesting to the viewer.

Check this out!

Here is a video about a teacher using different strategies to teach her pre-k math lesson. She talks about Howard Gardner's different intelligences and how she uses them in her own classroom. Maybe you could get some ideas from her!
Math Lessons


Sing a Song

In the video above, this is just a video recording teaching the multiples of two, but teachers can make up songs like this with other subjects. This is a good example of one though that a teacher could use in the classroom.

Using technology in the Classroom

Digital Literacy-Using Technology in the Classroom


This EDpuzzle link (above) is a video about a first grade classroom which uses iPads and iPods in the class to improve reading skills.

I pulled the video used (above) off of and then used to crop the video to what I needed. Edpuzzle also allows teacher or students to add voices over the videos, as well as to add quiz questions throughout the video. Great tool to have when trying to present a video to a class.

How will you teach me in the 21st century?