Being A Leader

Jerry G

What is a leader?

A leader is someone who takes action to lead a person or group. A leader must have the bravery and courage to make decisions for the greater good of the group. A leader will usually take ideas from his/her followers and combine all of the ideas to make sure every person in the group is satisfied.

What type of leader am I?

I think that I have multiple types of leaderships. However, I think I am particularly good at communicating. Whenever I have an idea, I can spread it to everyone, and make sure that they fully understand. However, I think that I am also a courageous leader. I will sacrifice anything of any importance to complete a task for our group, and willing to sacrifice myself if needed.

How does your personality style affect your leadership style and vice versa?

As a person, I feel like I am very impatient. This greatly affects my leadership style because as a leader, you must be patient with your group members and take time to settle things out before rushing to anything. I also feel that I am a wise person. Me being a wise person makes a wise leader, leading to wise decisions.

What did you learn about yourself that you can use to grow as a leader?

I learned that I was more capable of things than I thought I was. Before I was a leader, I didn't know that I could make people do the same action, or have people following my orders. But as I grew, I realized that I was a stronger person, and if I put effort into my leadership, then I could really make people listen to me.