All About Me

By Gabby Ruffini

My favorite Books

Im an avid reader, so much until you can almost never find me without a book near me or in my hands, My favorite series would have to be The Mortal Instruments Series. My favorite single books would have to be 'Tuck Everlasting' and 'Where the Red Fern Grows'.

Where I'd Go...

Honestly I'd go to any and all historical sight's on any continent if I could or had the means to fund myself. But probably somewhere with mountains or Venice.

Favorite Movie...

Well right now its ranking between the new Sherlock Holmes movie that just came out or American Sniper, both amazing by the way. Probably the closest thing to a horror film that I'm going to get to is American Sniper (at least without freaking myself out).

Favorite Subject...

My top favorites would have to be between, Tech ed, band, PE, L.A., S.S, and Math(although not so much for the homework part). So, basically, I'm just an all around kid.

My Favorite Types of Food..

While my preference changes almost daily as I try new things right now its between Chinese and Italian foods.

My Dream...

My dream is to be a successful grownup like my parents and at the same time be a famous engineer that students will learn about in their textbooks( although being realistic it probably wont happen).

Where I'd Live...

When I get out of college and also have enough money I plan to move to Steamboat Colorado so that I'm near a ski place (I'm a huge mobile fan) and also in the mountains (they're too pretty to not like) I've always loved both since I was really little.


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