AP Lang Prep Session

Due date: 2/24/14, Prep Session Date: 3/1/14

The Assignment

You and your group members will create a lesson to be used for the prep session. You will be responsible for teaching the 10th graders important information that they need to know to survive their AP Language course. You will choose from the following three topics: 1) rhetorical analysis and author's purpose, 2) annotating/close reading, 3) synthesis, 4) argument

Your lesson must follow the lesson plan template and must include the following:

Either a power point, prezi, or nearpod to share with the class.

Materials that you will need (markers, pencils)

A reading selection

A handout (digital or hard copy) for the students (Smore.com) - Feel free to research some classroom assignments online, but be sure to give credit to your source!

Creative and fun activities in the lesson! (games, analysis of songs, commercials, advertisements, etc.)

Work Time

February 11th, 12th, and 21st will be your only class work days for this assignment. It would be wise to pick group members from your class so that you are able to communicate more easily about your presentation.