Brain Training for Dogs

Why You Should Train Your Dog?

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When you think about exercising your dog you probably think about activities like walks, trail hikes, and games of fetch, but it may come as a surprise to discover that your dog needs brain exercise as well.

Working a dog’s mind is just as important as working the body, and brain games are a great way to do it. And the best part about playing brain games for dogs? Tapping into your dog’s unique cognitive abilities is important enrichment that is easy to do!

What is Brain Training for Dogs?

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While standard obedience school can be considered brain training for dogs, true brain training engages your dog’s mind in a slightly different way. The dog training exercises in standard obedience training have a specific goal: your dog learns foundation behaviors like walking politely on a leash, holding a stay, or coming when called.

With brain training the goal is to encourage your dog to think creatively, problem solve, and have fun. Steve Dale, certified animal behavior consultant, pet radio host, and co-editor of Decoding Your Dog (authored by members of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists), suggests that brain training has numerous benefits, including:

Alleviating boredom.

  • Giving the opportunity to engage in breed-specific behaviors, like digging or searching for resources.
  • Providing an outlet for anxiety.
  • Helping to slow the cognitive changes associated with aging.

In addition to behavioral benefits like preventing inappropriate behaviors and keeping your senior sharp, brain training is a fun way to strengthen the bond with your dog. If you’re playing the right kinds of brain training games with your dog, you both should be having fun!

You can also help to support your dog’s brain health with veterinarian formulated supplements that use natural ingredients to promote cognitive wellness.

Keeping your dog’s mind active, engaged and supported will help to ensure a happy and healthy dog well into his golden years!