Landry Judd

National Archives

Act of Mr. Roosevelt

In 1934 President Franklin D. Roosevelt constructed the building of The National Archives to protect important documents such as The Bill of Rights because important records were being burned, lost, and even destroyed. The National Archives monument is a unique place located in Washington D.C. to preserve important records.


Did you know that The National Archives monument contains more than 5.5 million sacred or important documents, antique maps, and even ancient photographs? In 1945 the General Services Administration put in control of the National Archives, so Washington D.C no longer owned the National Archives monument, but gained it's independence again in 1985.


Before the National Archives monument was finally built, Roosevelt succeeded to join together with Congress and the Department of Treasury to help draw the blue prints. They had to make the National Archives building huge due to the National Archives containing so many sacred documents. The Department of Treasury also helped with the design by installing red tile roofs, granite walls, and classical colonnades. Without the brave men included in this story we wouldn't have a great part of history.


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