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We extend a warm welcome for all to join us in Minneapolis, May 2-3, 2020 for the first of 3 Regional Seminars {Florida & Oregon dates dropping soon}

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Pediatrics in Sports Chiropractic

  • Management of Common Lower Extremity Conditions in the Pediatric Patient with Elise Hewitt, DC, DICCP, FICC
  • Kinesiology Taping in Pediatrics with Lisa Goodman, DC, CCSP, CACCP
  • Foot and Gait Evaluation in the Pediatric Patient with Brian Jensen, DC
  • Athletic Considerations for the Pediatric Patient, with Jennifer Murphy, DC, CICCP
  • Additional pediatric information with Rebecca R. Jackson, DC, BCCS
  • Pediatric Chiropractor of the Year Award Presentation

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Starting a Chiropractic Practice: 7 Things You Should Know Before Taking the Plunge

When it comes to starting your own chiropractic practice, it’s a different world today than in the past. Establishing a clinic of your own arguably takes more strategy than it once did. But the good news is you have more options than ever to help you own and operate a clinic successfully.

ACA CCP Board Member & NWHSU Alumni Shares her Insights: Mary Beth Minser, DC, was the owner/operator of Minser Chiropractic Clinic from 1990 to 2017. We asked her about her experience after graduating from NWHSU’s chiropractic program.

“I always knew I wanted to start my own practice. But before I did, I was an associate for about a year. And in that time I tried to learn everything I could about what it meant to run a practice.Sometimes I hung out at the front desk. I spent a lot of time learning things from the billing officer. I didn’t just focus solely on my role as an associate chiropractor.

What you want to do while you’re an associate is to learn what you love about practicing and what you don’t. For those who eventually open their own chiropractic clinic, the associate experience can play a crucial role in helping you create a successful practice that’s right for you.”

Read the full blog with tips from Drs. Tom Necela & Mary Beth Minser from NWHSU and catch Dr. Minser presenting at the May 2-3, 2020 Regional Seminar in MSP!

New Year, New Workout?

If you're looking for a new workout routine for 2020, you're not alone. By some estimates, more than 12 percent of Americans join gyms in January, higher than the 8 percent on average who join during the rest of the year.

If CrossFit is on your 2020|Resolution list (or on your patient's list) here are some tips for getting started. Dr. Lisa Goodman shared her journey from mild skeptic to celebrating 3+ years as a CrossFit athlete.

  • CrossFit programming boils down to basic strength and conditioning, with a focus on functional movements.
  • CrossFit workouts are scalable and intended for the masses. CrossFit is also community-focused, which helps build your confidence, no matter your fitness level.
  • Most of the movement in CrossFit will improve core strength, strengthen your back, and increase cardiovascular endurance.
  • What exercises to avoid as a newbie?
  • What workout frequency is best in the first 6 months?
Read the full blog here and catch Dr. Lisa presenting at the ACA CCP Regional Seminars in 2020!

Welcome to our new & returning members!

Sarah E Radabaugh, DC

Meg A. Simans, DC

Stacy L. Hallgren, DC

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Katherine A Pohlman, DC, DICCP, MS

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Mayra Alvarado

Olivia Andries

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Our officers are working hard to advance the field of chiropractic pediatrics.
We would like to highlight some of the benefits of being a member:

  • Increases your visibility as a doctor of chiropractic who serves the pediatric community.

  • You are placed on a Find A Chiropractor list for colleagues to use or for the public to
    find a chiropractor who treats pediatric patients, increasing your patient base.

  • Helps align yourself with other doctors of chiropractic who are like minded
    in providing pediatric care and increased networking opportunities.

  • Provides opportunities to expand your educational resources.

  • Attending educational events that highlights great speakers on multiple pediatric topics.

  • Discounted registration fees on educational courses and yearly symposium.In 2020 there are 3 regional seminars offered!

  • A complimentary subscription to Journal of Chiropractic Medicine

  • Social media messaging and interaction with colleagues through the council’s
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  • Helps you market to your pediatric community… and much more.

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