H. Wayne Snider


Derrick J. V. Sawyer - Fire Commissioner, Philadelphia Fire Department

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

12:00-12:50PM, Alter Hall Auditorium (Room 031)

Please join us for the fourth installment of the H. Wayne Snider Distinguished Guest Lecturer Series, as we host Derrick Sawyer - Fire Commissioner of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Derrick Sawyer is a 29 year veteran who heads the 5th largest fire and emergency services department in the country. Since entering the PFD in 1985, Fire Commissioner Sawyer has developed in-depth experience as a first-responder amidst an urban landscape that demands diversity in skill, critical training, and keen analytical decision making. Over 2100 members are under his command. Commissioner Sawyer will be speaking about data-driven risk management techniques that the PFD has used to reduce the number of fire fatalities to its lowest number in recorded history.

Dress for this event is casual, and if you have any questions, please contact Richard Rosenbaum (richard.rosenbaum@temple.edu).

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