SAMR Weather



Learners will record the weather in a table.

Click HERE to complete the Substitution Weather Activity


Learners will record the weather in a table, but will also:

  • Create a chart for the daily high temperature
  • Share the table with the teacher instead of printing.

Click HERE to complete the Augmentation Weather Activity


Learners will work in teams of three to compare the weather forecasts for three cities in three different regions of the United States. Learners will create a slide in which they use their data to recommend where we should go on spring break.

Click HERE to complete the Modification Weather Activity


Learners will work in teams consisting of a photographer, data collector, and reporter. (rotating rolls)

Each Day:

  • The photographer will take a picture representing the day's weather and add it to the spreadsheet.
  • The data collector will add the high temp, the low temp and the precipitation for the day to the team spreadsheet.
  • The reporter will link the spreadsheet to a blog post that reports on the day's weather.

At the end of the week, the team will:

Create a chart representing the week's weather.

Use data to post a forecast for the following week.


Learners will zoom, skype, or tweet with a local meteorologist to get trends and data for forecast.

Instead of a blog post, students will create a weekly vodcast that parents and the community can subscribe to for weekly weather information.


Learners will zoom or skype with learners from another school.

Each class will present a weather show to the other class.