Registration Information

Important Dates

August 3: Online registration opens

August 3 & 4: Kindergarten screening, contact elementary office for a screening appointment

August 12: Fee Day

August 24: First Day of School

Registration for New Students and Incoming Kindergarten Students

New Students

Students who are new to the district will need to come into the elementary office to complete the registration process.

Incoming Kindergarten Students

Registration will be completed during screening time on August 3 or 4. You will need to bring the documents listed below if they pertain to your situation.

Online Registration For Returning Students

Beginning this year, student registration will be online. Registration will open on August 3 and remain open until August 21. You will receive information from Tyler when online registration opens on August 3. If you do not have a current email on file, please call the elementary office at (816)238-1646 ext. 254 or email

Student Fees

You will be able to come to the elementary office and pay student fees on August 12 from 8a - 8p.

KINDERGARTEN Folder, Writing Journal, Supplies $50.00

1ST GRADE Agenda, Paper, Folder, Some Supplies $11.00

2ND GRADE Agenda, Folder, Some Supplies $8.00

3RD GRADE Agenda, Folder, Some Supplies $8.00

4TH GRADE Agenda and Some Supplies $8.00

5TH GRADE Agenda and Some Supplies $8.00

6TH GRADE Agenda and Some Supplies $8.00

Breakfast $1.80

Lunch $2.35

PTO $5.00

Yearbooks $15.00 Standard/$20.00 Personalized

Documentation Needed for Online Registration

Our goal is for online registration to be convenient and easy. Prior to online registration opening, please look at the list and gather the documents you will need to help you through the process. The documents below will need to be uploaded in the registration process.

Residency documents are REQUIRED for all families.

Proof of Residency for Homeowners or Renters

  • Rental, real estate, or lease contract


  • Current (last 30 days) utility bill (Electric, gas, sewer, or water utility statement, telephone bill (NOT cell phone)) with parent(s) name(s) and current address. (No final or disconnect notices accepted.)

Information Needed if Residing with Someone in the District

  • Notarized Affidavit for Homeowner (copy below)

  • Mortgage statement from homeowner (copy below)

  • Notarized Affidavit Parent or Legal Guardian

  • Two bills that have the parents name and address of residency

Court ordered Guardianship

  • A copy of court ordered guardianship

Medical Information

  • Current shot record.

  • Asthma action plan if child(ren) have asthma

  • Emotional/Behavioral physician diagnosed documentation

Court ordered Guardianship

  • A copy of court ordered guardianship

Registration Steps

Information is provided below to help you know how to navigate online registration. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact April Campbell at