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Plugged In

When my kids were younger, I remember someone telling me I should pre-read all the books they read. Like that’s really going to happen with four kids and a full-time job! It simply is unrealistic to expect that you can preview everything your kids read or watch.

To help us in this regard, my wife and I have turned to trusted sources to help us preview and review our kids’ entertainment. Recently while reading from one of these sources, a magazine called Plugged In, I read a statistic that boggled my mind. A recent study revealed that 70% of all third graders have a television in their bedroom? 70% - This really shocked me!

My first question was, ”Why would my son, who is coincidentally in 3rd grade, need a TV in his room?” In his case, the first problem would be finding room for it, unless of course you are able to balance it atop Anakin Skywalker and his lego friends. The second problem is that it would likely be broken within 24 hours. And the third problem would be that he is only eight years old, so he doesn’t need a TV in his room.

As we enter the holiday season, we know that our kids will ask for and receive many different types of electronic devices. From TVs to video games to computers, all types of electronics are now an everyday part of our kids’ lives. The question I think we as parents need to ask is, “How prevalent should electronics be in our kids’ lives?” Only we as the parent can answer that question, but I would say this...Once the electronics take up residence in our kids’ bedroom, they become a bigger part of their lives than we probably want them to be.

So let’s keep the electronics in places like the Family Room and Basement and reserve our kids’ bedrooms for things like books, dolls, action figures and legos (even if they do hurt when you step on them).

Have a great holiday!


Brian A. Finger, Principal

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