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After the Annual meeting edition

A sincere thank you to all community members who took the time to attend the Annual meeting or who sent in your proxy!

Explanation of all Quorum components for Annual meeting

1. Voting for Board members

1/3 (quorum requirement)= 92 homes

2. Voting for raising a special assessment (Single Trash outside of Gates)

1/2 (quorum requirement)=139 homes and 2/3 of that quorum is 92 homes

3. Voting for Gating the community (County requirement-outside of our bylaws)

75% of ALL homes(county requirement)=208 homes would have to vote YES for this to pass.

Results of Voting Raw Data

Gates- 83 Yes and 107 No

Single trash- 159 Yes and 37 No

Results of Voting interpretation

  • Dawn Bourg and Gary Nixon were elected to the Board as the 1/3 quorum was met and they both received the required amount of votes.
  • The Gates were voted down. 75% quorum was not achieved. 68% of the neighborhood voted on this issue. 44% of the neighbors that voted were in favor of the gates while 56% of those voting were against the gates. The Board feels that 56% is a clear enough margin to move past the gates discussion. The Board will now move on with the County and ask for another traffic study in our neighborhood. We will keep the neighborhood informed about the process with the county.
  • Single Trash has passed. We met the 50% quorum of 139 homes with 196 homes voting on single trash. The measure passed with 81% favorability. The trash service will begin on April 1st with Red Oak. The bill will be prorated this year and will be included in your annual dues notice which will be sent out soon. We are working on instructions for how to proceed with this new single trash situation. Please be patient as we work through the details.
  • As discussed during the annual meeting, the neighborhood has asked the board to draft an amendment to the Shiloh Farms bylaws that will ensure the service fee removal for single trash services from our dues should it be discontinued in the future by either a vote of the neighborhood or the board of directors. The board is working with legal counsel to draft the amendment to be voted on by the neighborhood, so please stay engaged to ensure maximum participation in these upcoming votes.

Annual Dues

The 2022 annual assessment will be due this year on March 1st, 2022. Payments that post after March 31st, 2022, will be subject to late fees. The annual dues this year will be $1023 ($825 annual dues + $198 [prorated trash amount for April-December 2022]). Statements will be mailed soon.

Residential Truck Traffic Reporting due to improper route suggestions

I spoke about this at the annual meeting and several owners showed an interest in helping in this process. Please go to this website:

This process will be more effective if many of us participate in it. This will take the Shiloh Road East route off of all the GPS services for trucking companies. It is time consuming because you have to go into each GPS service, but the government has put all the links in this document. This could help significantly with our truck problem.

ACC Update

•Shiloh Farms is a Master Planned Community.

•Change Requests are required by the ACC before making modifications to the exterior of homes.

–Change Requests require signatures of neighbors.

•ACC Standards and Change Requests are located at

•Please send modification requests to CMA.

•Turnaround for modification requests is currently 3-5 days.

  • Moving forward in 2022:

    • The ACC will enforce the penalty procedures as described in the ACC Guidelines, which state that failure to submit an Application for Modification will result in a fine of $200.

    • At times, residents have not followed proper procedures for exterior modifications and have made changes without ACC approval. The result in some cases is a lack of design compatibility with the rest of the community.

Shiloh Life and Possible committees

Upcoming 2022 Events:

July 4th Parade & Pool Party (Kate Smithing)

Fall Festival (Christy Louella & Amy McCulley)

Halloween Parade (Jamie Tripp)

Cookies with Santa (Christy Louella & Amy McCulley)

Potential 2022 Events*: (WE NEED CHAIRS)

Father/Child Camping Night

Easter Egg Hunt

Garage Sale

Movie Night

Adult Social Event

Please contact to volunteer.

Also, if you would like to form a committee to vet funding needs for a specific initiative, please email to volunteer.

Friendly reminder

Slow down, observe stop signs, talk to your teenage drivers. Be kind and respectful with street parking. We can all make a difference!

Sesmas Tree Service will be in the neighborhood all week

Sesmas will be working on the trees along Shiloh Road East all this week. Please drive slowly and give the workers space. Thank you!

Shiloh Farms HOA Board of Directors

Director Hokan Ojert President Ridgefield

Director Jane McLain Vice President Belmont

Director Gary Nixon Treasurer Belmont

Director Lance Hall Secretary Belmont

Director Dawn Bourg Member at Large Crofton

Association Manager (CMA)Carrie Neville404-835-9216CMA