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Dear Families,

We want to reach out and let you know we are thinking of you. This year has been unpredictable and unsettling. We are sharing activities and online content to support you and your families as we continue to navigate the ups and downs of the pandemic. This week we will share Mindfulness For Families. Mindful listening, seeing, eating, stretching and breathing can help our children and youth feel centered and ready to learn. If you need mental health support please reach out to your school counselor, parent support specialist or your licensed mental health professional, (LMHP). Know our hearts are with you and we are here to support you.


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Theme of the Week - Mindfulness

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Mindfulness Walks

Mindfulness walks allow us time to gather our awareness and free us from distractions. Unlike some physical activity where the goal is to tune things out and just go, mindful walks are about becoming aware of what is around us. Start with a natural pace. To become aware of your surroundings you can count your steps, listen to the sounds of the lifting and falling of your foot. Don’t become distracted by the light, sounds, or beauty around you. You’ll have time to see those things. These first moments are about being present with your steps. After feeling comfortable with your steps you can listen to the sounds around you...

To learn more about mindfulness walks and access guided mediation walks to get you started, check out these two sites:

Stop, Breathe & Think

LMHP Mental Health Matters Newsletter

While this newsletter was designed for Austin ISD staff, it has valuable tips and resources for all district families.


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This newsletter is a collaboration between the departments of Child Study Systems, Social and Emotional Learning, Health Services, Family and Community Engagement and Austin ISD Communications. The Office of Counseling, Trust Based Relational Intervention Specialists and LMHP's are Contributors.