Elephant Classroom News

January 11, 2016


To remedy the issue of classes continuing to miss the same specialist due to Mondays/Fridays off due to holidays, the specialist schedule has rotated, Our new specialist schedule begins today and is as follows:

Monday: Spanish

Tuesday: Science

Wednesday: P.E.

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music

*P.E. 2 will stay the same on Tuesday afternoons after Lunch.

Look Ahead:

Please take note of the following important dates:

Monday 1/18: MLK Holiday: NO SCHOOL

Friday 1/22: Early Release Day for Staff Training. Students dismissed at 12:15PM.

Monday 1/25: Staff Work Day: NO SCHOOL


Homework came home with your child in their Friday Folder on Friday. Please check your child's journal for the half sheet with this week's assignments. If your child did not have a homework folder, homework was sent home in a paperclip-ed packet. Please remember that Ten Marks is a part of homework. If you have lost your child's Ten Marks log-in information, please have them ask me for another copy or send me an e-mail. Homework is back to the normal routine, sent home on Friday and due the following Friday.

What Are We Learning in 9-103?

Reading Strategies: We are continuing to practice our previously learned reading strategies such as using our schema, thinking while we read, making predictions, asking questions, recognizing character traits, and making meaningful connections, We will be working on visualizing this week. Visualizing helps us to see a detailed picture in our minds as we read. It helps us to make a mental image of the story as we read which allows us to better connect with and understand a text.

Grammar/Language Arts: We are working on identifying pronouns. We have been practicing reading sentences and deciding what pronouns could take the place of a particular noun. We are also beginning to study prefixes and suffixes and how they change the meaning of a base word.

Math: We are hard at work learning about addition with re-grouping. What is re-grouping? Most of us know re-grouping as carrying in addition and borrowing in subtraction. Common Core uses the term re-grouping to refer to the grouping of ones when they add up to ten or more and moving them over to the tens place. We have learned a variety of strategies to use to add two and three-digit numbers with regrouping. Your child should use the one that works best for them! A little poem we learned that has been helpful for the students to know whether or not a problem needs re-grouping is : "Ten or more? Carry next door! Nine or less? Let it rest!" **See poster pictured below**

Thematic Unit/ Writing: We are jumping into our Cinderella Unit beginning with the study of the fairy tale genre and revisiting what elements make up a story. This exciting and diverse unit includes the exploration of a variety of "Cinderella stories" from around the world including versions from China, Egypt, France, Ireland and many other cultures.

Additionally, we will discover the story from a variety of view points and even read versions where the Cinderella character is a man! This unit is intended to dive in deep to a Second Grade standard that requires students to be able to compare and contrast stories from different cultures.

Students will work on narrative writing within this unit. We will culminate the unit with students planning, drafting, editing, and illustrating their very own Cinderella Story!

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A huge heartfelt thank you for all of the thoughtful, generous, and sweet contributions to holiday gifts and to all of those who contributed to my class gift. It was a wonderful way to wrap up 2015. Thank you!