Coralyn Bregum


Bulldogs have wide hips that makes them wiggle when they walk. Owners must clean their wrinkles on their face every day. A bulldogs short fur can be white, red, tan, or brown. Some bulldogs snore at night or when there sleeping.

Golden retrievers

Some people use Golden retrievers as hunting dogs. Golden retrievers are gentle loving pets. The reason why there called golden retrievers is because their fur is a shade of yellow. Golden retrievers are sometimes therapy dogs and they are retrieving dogs. Golden Retrievers are like the same as yellow labs.

Healty dogs

Dry dog food is good for dogs teeth and gums so they are healthy. Walks every day is good exercise and so there healthy. Giving dogs healthy treats is good for there healthiness.

Safety for a dog

Leashes and dog tags help keep them safe. When you're walking a dog look before you cross the street. Don't leave the door open if your dog runs away.

Dog Breeds

There are 800 different dog breeds. Some dog breeds are mixes which are sometimes called mutts. Some dog breeds are bred and are also called mutts.

Popular dogs

Dogs are one of the most popular animals in the world! One of the dogs are German Shepherds. Some of these breeds are working dogs.

Blood hounds

Blood hounds have noses with four billion scent receptors, humans only have five million. Blood hounds are good for finding people. They also help hurt people.

Dogs history

Domestic dog are like the same as wolfs, coyotes, hunting dogs, dingo, hyenas, and more. At first wolfs were tamed to be dogs and they wouldn't attack you.

Great Danes

Great Danes were believed to ward of ghosts and evil spirits. Great Danes are called gentle giants. Great Danes are like giants because there big.

Scaring Away Animals

Dogs bark to scare away wild animals. Dogs chase away them to scare them off. Some dogs try catching them or keep an eye on them.


Pugs often snort, grunt, and snore. Pugs are cute. You also have to take care of there wrinkles.

Black Labs

Black Labs are used for hunting. They are called black labs because they are black. People use black labs for blind people or therapy dogs. Black labs are gentle and they love people. Black labs are also know as labs. They are dogs that like to play.

Taking Care Of Your Dog

Every day you have to feed and water dogs. You also have to let them go to the bathroom. You have to take your dog to the vet so they can make sure there healthy. When you take your dog to the vet they might give him/her some shots. You need to let your dog get exercise.

German Shepards

German Shepard's are one of the working dogs. They work for the cops for sniffing out bad guys. German Shepard's are also known as Shepard's. Shepard's are loving animals for people. They get use to you from puppies.